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A Useful Guide on charging iPhone 6, 7 Using Wireless Charging

Written by John

We all hope for a future that is filled with conveniences that make life easier. Well, Apple does too and they have come up with a wireless charging system known as the AirPower Wireless charging. This announcement came shortly after that of the newest iPhones 8 and 8 plus which are updates of the previous iPhone 7 and 7 plus respectively. The new iPhones pride themselves of great performance thanks to a faster processor and great looks with the phone being all glass. With the glass back, come new capabilities including support for wireless charging by induction.

The AirPower system will come in the form of a charging mat using Qi charging standard. The pad is not too large but it will be able to support multiple devices. You will be able to charge your iPod, Apple watch and iPhone at the same time.

iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus and iPhone X can be charged using the AirPower without the need to add anything extra. Deep inside the glass backs are hardware components that make this possible. This is not to say that you cannot get iPhone 7 wireless charging. You actually can and there are many options out there. Here is how you can charge iPhone 6 and 7 using wireless chargers including the new AirPower.

iPhone Wireless Charging

Gold Receiver for iPhone 7

With this you can forget worrying about having to find a plug point with all those wires every time your iPhone battery drains. Just attach this gold receiver to the back of your iPhone (inside the case) and you will be able to charge on any Qi wireless charge pad.

Gold Receiver For iPhone 7

This receiver is light in weight and you can forget about it as soon as you attach it to the phone. The phones that can benefit from this receiver include iPhone 7, 6, 7 plus, 6s, 6 plus, 5, 5s and 5c. The case covering the phone should not be thicker than 7mm or else you will have to remove it when charging on the wireless pad.

Wireless Charging Receiver

With the Gold receiver you will not only be able to charge your phone on the AirPower but do it fast and safely with no risk of overheating. You will even be able to use the lightning port even when charging. Plug in those lightning headphones as the iphone 6s wireless charging continues without a disruption.

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Invitian Wireless Charging

Whether you have iPhone SE, 7 plus or anything in between you will benefit from having this wireless receiver card. To use it, just stick it to the back of your iPhone and place it on wireless charging pad.

Invitian Wireless Charging

The sticker is elegant in looks, light in weight and very efficient. It works with all wireless chargers out there. Invitian wireless charging receiver comes with a premium Texas Instruments chip that enables iPhone wireless charging by magnetic induction. With this you do not have to worry about overcharging or overheating.

Wireless Chargin Card

Will you have to remove your cover to charge the phone with a wireless pad? That depends. If the case is made of metal you will have to remove it since this interferes with the transfer of magnetic fields used to charge the phone. If it is non-metallic, you can keep it on and the phone will charge Justas it would if the cover was absent.

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Antye Qi Receiver Case

With this case you will be able to kill two birds with one stone. You will get a protective case for your iPhone 7 plus and get iPhone 7 wireless charging. This case is made of matte plastic and has perfect cutouts for speakers, camera and buttons. Inside, it has the newest TI chip that enables safe wireless charging.

Antye Qi Receiver Case

This works with any Qi standard wireless charging pad or dock and wireless chargers in cars as well. No matter where you are, just place your phone (with the case on) on a charging pad and charging will start automatically. The lightning connector is detachable so you can use the port for other needs without having to remove the case.

iPhone 7 Plus Case

With this case, your phone will be protected and charging will be super easy. Just be careful about plugging and unplugging the lightning head frequently as this could damage it.

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Nillkin Case

This is a case and at the same time it is a wireless charging receiver. It is meant for use with only iPhone 7. With this case on your phone therefore, you will be able to charge your phone with Airpower and other wireless charging systems. This case has four magnets and therefore is compatible with magnetic holders.

Nillkin Case

The material used to make this case is tough PC material quality and can handle whatever nature throws at it. It is scratch-resistant, anti skid and will serve you a long time. It has a good sense of touch with anti-fingerprint and spot texture. The cutouts are made perfectly to suit the iPhone 7.

Nillkin Charging Receiver

With a 5V 1A MAX output, this wireless receiver will ensure that your phone is fully charges in the shortest time. This is 120 minutes to be precise. This charge is stable to ensure there is no overcharge and overheating problems. If you have been looking for an iPhone wireless charging receiver you need not look elsewhere. This case will suit your needs perfectly.

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You do not need the expensive iPhone 8, 8 plus and X to take full advantage of the fast wireless charging capabilities of the AirPower. You can fully embrace this new creation by Apple and Qi as it comes out next year with your current iPhone 6 or iPhone 7. To do this you just need to get a reliable wireless receiver. This will help you charge your phone on any wireless pad making life easier. No more worrying about tripping over cables as you charge and you could even break the phone’s screen in the process. You could even get a case with wireless charging capabilities that will protect the phone from any harm and at the same time allow you to recharge at your convenience. Choose any of the above ways for iPhone 7 wireless charging and you will not regret it.

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