Anker Prime Power Bank 20000mAh 200W USB-C Review

Written by John

In a world where mobility is key, and many thrive in the great outdoors rather than confined office spaces, finding a reliable power source for all your devices can be a challenge. Most portable chargers are bulky and cumbersome, making it inconvenient to carry them wherever you go.

Enter the Anker Prime 20000mAh Power Bank, a compact powerhouse that fits right in your palm, yet packs a punch with its 200W total output capacity. With the Anker Prime, charging all your devices simultaneously becomes effortless. Whether it's your iPhone, MacBook, or any other gadgets, the Anker Prime has got you covered, serving as your go-to portable power solution wherever your adventures take you.

1. Unboxing the Anker Prime: What's Inside?

  • The Anker Prime comes carefully packaged, featuring the Anker Prime device itself, a branded carrying pouch, and a dual-ended USB-C cable.
  • On the exterior of the box, you'll find comprehensive information about the device, including its total power capacity of 200W, 100W input recharge capability, and warranty duration stated on the rear side of the box.

2. Evaluating the Functions of Anker Prime 20000mAh 200W Power Bank

Anker Prime charge two MacBook

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  • With a battery capacity of 20000mAh, the Anker Prime can charge an iPhone up to 3.5 times and a MacBook approximately once. Notably, you can charge all your devices simultaneously, ensuring the total power consumption does not exceed 200W. This means you can charge two MacBooks or iPhones simultaneously, or use an external monitor with a 60W USB-C connection while still charging your MacBook.

65W USB-A port and two 100W USB-C ports

  • The Anker Prime is equipped with one 65W USB-A port and two 100W USB-C ports, allowing for high-speed charging on each port. Additionally, one of the USB-C ports can be used to recharge the Anker Prime itself.
  • With a recharge capacity of up to 100W, you can fully charge the Anker Prime in just 1 hour and 15 minutes. Moreover, you can utilize the Anker Charging Base, connecting it to the Anker Prime via the charging base's dock located underneath.

Anker Prime 20000mAh Power Bank Smart Display

  • The display screen is a notable feature, showing the percentage of battery remaining in the Anker Prime, the power usage across ports, and the remaining battery time. It also displays temperature and charging cycles of the power bank, enhancing user convenience and awareness.
  • 3. Can the Anker Prime with 100W USB-C Charge a MacBook Pro 16-inch Requiring a 140W Adapter?

    While MacBooks boast impressive battery life ranging from 11 to 14 hours, depending on your usage, power-intensive tasks like graphic design and rendering can quickly drain your battery, especially on MacBook Pro models. This is where the Anker Prime comes into play, providing a reliable backup power source to extend the runtime of your MacBook, ensuring uninterrupted productivity no matter where you are.

    • Most modern MacBooks or laptops, such as the MacBook Pro M3, typically utilize a 70W charger, while some, like the MacBook Pro M3 Max/ M3 Pro, require a 96W adapter. Therefore, finding a power bank with a 100W output port is reasonable.
    • Although the maximum output power of a USB-C port is 100W, the Anker Prime can still charge devices that require a 140W adapter, such as the MacBook Pro 16-inch. The issue lies in the fact that with a 100W output, the charging time may be longer compared to using a 140W power source.
    • If you're working with a MacBook Pro 16-inch requiring 140W and connecting it to the Anker Prime 100W charger, there's no need to worry. The MacBook Pro will draw the required power directly from its battery before utilizing the charging port.
    • Therefore, for users with devices needing more than 100W, it's advisable to charge them while they are turned off your MacBook or Laptop to ensure the fastest charging time possible.

    4. Warranty Policy and Pricing of the Anker Prime 20000mAh Power Bank

    • Anker stands behind its product quality with confidence, offering a generous 2-year warranty for the Anker Prime 20000mAh Power Bank. Customers can easily exchange or return the product if any issues arise.
    • Priced around $90, the Anker Prime 20000mAh Power Bank offers excellent value compared to similar products on the market.
    • With a large customer base, Anker has created a product that meets the demands of users seeking a compact yet powerful wireless charging device at a reasonable price.

    Anker Prime 20000mAh 200W Power Bank DEALS: View at Amazon

    Anker Prime 20000mAh Power Bank stands out as a reliable and versatile solution for charging multiple devices on the go. With its impressive battery capacity, fast charging capabilities, and thoughtful design features such as multiple output ports and a clear display screen, it meets the needs of modern users seeking portable power solutions. Additionally, Anker's commitment to quality is evident through its generous 2-year warranty policy, providing customers with peace of mind. Overall, the Anker Prime offers excellent value for its price point, making it a highly recommended choice for anyone in need of a compact yet powerful charging companion.

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