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How to Earn Money with Survey Sites in 2024

There are many ways to make money online, such as Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, and DropShipping. However, all these methods have one thing in common: they will be replaced over time. For instance, AI has started creating content that's better than what even experienced writers can produce. Short videos on TikTok are outperforming long-form videos on other platforms like YouTube. Platforms like Temu, which offer direct sales from brands to customers, are providing better prices than traditional DropShipping methods. So, if you consider making money online as a full-time job, it might be challenging to sustain. It's more realistic to treat online money-making as a side gig to stay afloat in this game.

Today, we'll explore some simple ways to make money that anyone can do in their spare time: Offers, Surveys, and Playing Games.

The payout for Offers, Surveys, and Playing Games is relatively low, but the upside is that these sites don't require much in terms of skills, experience, or age. Generally, if you get the hang of it, you can earn around $3-8 per hour. Besides answering surveys, you can also get paid for installing games on iOS or Android, and there are plenty of surveys and games to choose from.

US Citizens and Non-US Citizens

If you are a US citizen, you'll find it easy to choose from a wide range of simple surveys and games to participate in and earn money.

If you are a US citizen traveling abroad, you will need a service to change your IP to a US IP. Typically, you'll need a residential proxy service like IProyal. IProyal is the only provider offering residential proxies that can change your IP to match the city or state you reside in, allowing you to earn money or play games from anywhere.

If you're not a US citizen, it can be challenging to participate in survey programs. Surveys often include questions designed to filter out respondents who do not understand American culture or lifestyle, resulting in your disqualification. Therefore, if you're not a US citizen, installing and playing games is a more viable option.

Important Considerations:

Any form of money-making activity online carries potential risks to your personal information. Therefore, it’s crucial to keep your personal details secure. Some survey sites may request extensive personal information, such as your ID, and we strongly advise against participating in these sites.

If you rely on these activities as a source of income, ensure you choose the most reputable sites that can help you earn money while safeguarding your personal information.

How to Earn Money with Survey Sites in 2024

1. Swagbucks


Swagbucks is one of the first websites beginners often explore. It's a long-standing platform that continually evolves to make it easier for users to earn money. According to Swagbucks, 100 SB (Swagbucks points) equals $1 USD. You can cash out once you reach $5, but for your first payout, you need to earn 10,000 SB, equivalent to $10. Payment methods include PayPal, Payoneer, and Amazon Gift Cards, making it very convenient.

Swagbucks is available to users worldwide, offering numerous surveys tailored to your profile based on the basic personal information you provide. This ensures that you get surveys that match your demographic.

In addition to surveys, Swagbucks has a variety of games you can play on iOS or Android. You'll need to install these games and reach a certain level to earn rewards, which can range from 100 SB to 150,000 SB. There are also many shopping deals and cashback opportunities when you shop through Swagbucks' partner stores.

A common strategy with Swagbucks is to play games to earn money during your free time. You can easily sign up for Swagbucks on your computer or via their app on the App Store or Android, and start earning while enjoying games or answering surveys.

2. FreeCash

FreeCash in 2024

FreeCash is another website that accepts participants from most countries around the world. It's a great complement to Swagbucks, as you can use both platforms simultaneously. One of the advantages of FreeCash is the variety of games it offers, different from those on Swagbucks, allowing you to play on both sites at the same time. FreeCash also has numerous offers and surveys, although the surveys tend to be more challenging than those on Swagbucks.

A useful feature of FreeCash is the display of user ratings for each survey. You should prioritize surveys with high ratings, as they are generally easier to complete and earn money from. Avoid surveys that promise high payouts or short completion times, as they often don't result in earnings.

On FreeCash, 1000 points equal $1 USD, and you can cash out once you reach $5. Payment methods include PayPal and Gift Cards, making it convenient to receive your earnings. My experience with FreeCash suggests focusing on playing games to earn money easily.

3. Mturk


When it comes to reliability, Mturk is a top choice for survey sites. Owned by Amazon, Mturk allows businesses to conduct surveys, and users with Amazon accounts can participate to earn money. The payment rates on Mturk vary, and if you do it professionally, you can earn more than on Swagbucks or FreeCash, with potential earnings ranging from $6 to $12 per hour.

On Mturk, participating in a survey is referred to as a "Hit" (Human Intelligence Task). The payment for each survey depends on its complexity and the time required to complete it. Previously, when surveys mainly came from direct clients on Mturk, it was easier for participants to earn money. However, since networks began distributing surveys on Mturk, completing them has become more challenging. Trick questions and quick multiple-choice questions often make it difficult even for honest participants to complete surveys successfully, causing many to give up.

Despite these challenges, Mturk remains a reputable and potentially lucrative option for those looking to make money by completing surveys.

4. Prolific

Prolific is another well-known platform globally, serving as a good alternative to Mturk. The surveys on Prolific are plentiful and generally easier to complete compared to other sites. Additionally, the payout time after completing surveys is faster. A key tip for using Prolific is to complete the preliminary questions related to your profile before starting to answer surveys.

It's important to note that Prolific allows participation from a limited number of countries, so you should check eligibility before signing up. One drawback of Prolific is the challenging registration process; you may have to wait on a list for several weeks to months before your account is approved. After approval, you might need to verify your ID to participate in surveys. Despite these hurdles, if you're looking for a reliable platform to earn money and a good alternative to Mturk, Prolific is a solid choice.

5. Clickworker

Clickworker is another popular platform with a straightforward registration process. After verifying your phone number and adding your tax ID, you can start earning money through various tasks and surveys on Clickworker.

Clickworker offers numerous ways to make money, including AI training, taking photos, recording videos, and completing memory tests. Like other platforms, it also features surveys about shopping habits or product evaluations. However, Clickworker surveys often contain trick questions or trap questions, which can be difficult to navigate even if you answer honestly.

Despite these challenges, Clickworker provides a diverse array of tasks, making it a versatile option for those looking to earn money online.

6. Cloud Research

Cloud Connect is a great alternative to Prolific or Mturk if you don't want to wait to start participating. Just sign up, and you can begin earning money immediately. Similar to other platforms, there are plenty of surveys available, especially if you are a US resident.

Like many survey sites, Cloud Connect includes trick questions that require experience to navigate successfully. With time and practice, you can improve your ability to answer these questions correctly and increase your earnings. Cloud Connect provides a quick and accessible way to earn money online without the long approval processes found on some other platforms.

For beginners looking to make money through online surveys, it's tempting to join as many survey sites as possible. However, based on experience, I recommend selecting 2 to 3 survey sites that suit you best and focusing on completing tasks efficiently on these platforms to maximize your earnings.

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