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Best Free VPN for Mac 2017

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A Virtual Private Network (VPN) offers you the computer user many benefits. You will be able to have secure connections when using a VPN to connect with other networks over the internet. Other than security you will also be able to get access to websites that are region-restricted and you would normally be unable to connect to them. When using public Wi-Fi, a VPN will help you keep your actions from prying eyes.

How do VPNs work? All of them basically work in a similar manner. All the network traffic coming from your computer is directed to the VPN’s servers in an encrypted format. This then makes the request for the information you need from the server you need to contact. This information is send to the VPN’s server and then to your computer. A VPN simply acts as a middle man between you and the network you would like to access information from.

So, you have just installed the macOS Sierra and wondering what the best free vpn for Mac is. Here we will highlight the best options you have. Try these and you will be happy.

1. TunnelBear

If you are looking for something that is simple and easy to use then this is the VPN to get. There is a free version that you can opt for to protect yourself when surfing without having to pay and there are subscriptions to choose from as well. The performance of TunnelBear is quite good but it is the ease of use that makes it stand out. It connects automatically without the need to make any changes to the settings. As for the location to adopt, it is up to you to choose from the 20 countries.

Tunnelbear on Mac

The only downside one can pin on the TunnelBear is the fact that one can only have 500MB of traffic every month when using the free version. If you are not a frequent VPN user then this should suit your needs perfectly.

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Though initially meant for the German market, this great VPN is now available in English language. There is an English website and support offered for users all over the world. There are three packages from which the users can choose the one they like the most. These are the free, plus and premium packages. Here we will dwell on the free version which is a great way to look at what the software has to offer before deciding to buy.

Hide me on macOS ensures that users get top-notch security (no data transfer logs) with fast speed and many protocols to choose devices. The protocols include OpenVPN, IKEv2, PPTP and L2TP to name but a few. The company boasts of having 115 servers located in 23 countries all over the world hence can allow users to be connected from more than one device at any given time.

With all these cool features and many more it is no wonder that it has been trusted by over 5 million users. It is important to note that the free version will only allow you 2 GB data transfer. is available for a FREE download here.

3. Hotspot Shield Free

This is among the best vpn free download you can get. Though the paid version is less restrictive, the free version still does get the job done. With the Hotspot Shield Free you will be able to access servers in the US. With this your internet connections will be secured and you will be warned in case you land on suspected phishing or malicious websites. Other than this, Hostspot Shield also protects you from downloading malware. It is kind of like a VPN and antivirus in one.

Hotspot Shield Free

Once installed, you will be met by a beautiful and small blue interface through which you will be able to interact with the software. You will be able to know if you are connected and what the current network is. As for browsing you will be able to do it normally but an IP address will be seen as well as ads when using the free version.

Like with using other VPNs, you can expect a slight decrease in speed but it will not be too extreme. The download speed however may be adversely affected.

4. CyberGhost VPN

For unlimited data traffic this is the best free vpn for MacOS Sierra. First of all is that you need not have a registered account to use the free version. With no data limits, this is the best option for Mac users who surf often. The speed is good but not the best since the BitTotrrents ports are blocked from use by the free users. There are ads that appear every two hours and users are required to reconnect every three hours. Other than this the features are quite commendable.

CyberGhost on Mac

With the CyberGhost VPN you will be able to choose the country that would like to connect to and can specify the servers to be used as the VPN endpoint. The countries you can choose are a good number making it easy to access many websites.

The speed when using this VPN will be slow but the anonymity with which you can browse may just be worth the wait. There are no logs data retained and no identifying information left. What is more? You can pay for subscriptions in Bitcoins if you decide to upgrade to the paid versions making it easier to remain anonymous.

5. Private Tunnel

This is relatively new in the market but this is not to mean that it is of lower value by any means. It has been developed by the makers of OpenVPN Technologies which is among the most commonly preferred and secure protocols to use when using VPNs. With the free version of Private Tunnel you get to have up to 2GB data traffic after which you will be required to upgrade to any of the paid versions.

Private Tunnel

The number of servers this service has is very little; only 12 locations in 9 countries. The company is based in the US and therefore the security of the data may not be guaranteed due to legal restrictions. However, only a few logs are stored and these are said to be used in maintenance and ensuring the best performance. As for encryption, the 128-bit AES-GCM is used which ensures protection of the data without slowing the speed of the computer. The use of the VPN is also quite easy.

Those are the best options you have when it comes to free VPN for macOS. If you are willing to pay you will be less restricted and more secure.

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