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The macOS High Sierra is here with us and it is better than ever. Even the browsing speed is better especially in Safari. This Safari is about 20% faster than the one in the macOS Sierra. Auto-play videos will not disturb you as much as they used in the Sierra. Privacy is also enhanced in the High Sierra’s Safari with the new Intelligent Tracking Prevention. This uses machine learning to reduce cross site ad vendors from tracking your cookies and other private information that helps them place ads in the pages you view believing that these are relevant to you. With this feature, your privacy will be protected but that is just not enough. Some people still want to have the safety of a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

A VPN will help make your online browsing safe and secure. The information you share online will remain private and you even get to access internet services that may be forbidden in your country.

But there are many VPN services out there? Which is the best VPN for Mac? Here are the 10 VPN for macOS you can use.

VPN Service
Features PricingInformation
Up to 5 devices
Quickest connection
Does Not log activity
Lightning Fast Speeds
Servers in 20+ countries
Free: Yes

Strong encryption
Zero logging
Up to 3 devices
Servers: 94+ countries
1500 Servers
$9.99/ 6 months
30 Day Money Back Trial included

Double Data Encryption
No Logs
Automatic Kill Switch
Up to 6 devices
Servers in 61+ countries
1079 Server
$9.00/6 months
30 Day Money Back Trial included

Easy to Use Apps
Zero-Knowledge DNS
NAT Firewall
700 servers
Free: Yes

Encrypts Your Data
No Log
Easy to Use
Absolute Privacy
Free: Yes
- $9.99/month
- $4.99/mo/1year

Multi-device support
Malware protection
No logs
A one-click solution
Free: Yes
$8.99/6 months

Fully Encrypted
Up to 5 devices
Automatic Kill Switch
Servers in 29+ countries
882 Server
Free: Yes

Protect your Access
Up to 3+ devices
OpenVPN Technologies
2GB Free
Free: Yes

Best VPN For Mac 2019

1. TunnelBear (Free and Paid)

If you are looking for something that is simple and easy to use then this is the VPN to get. There is a free version that you can opt for to protect yourself when surfing without having to pay and there are subscriptions to choose from as well. The performance of TunnelBear is quite good but it is the ease of use that makes it stand out. It connects automatically without the need to make any changes to the settings. As for the location to adopt, it is up to you to choose from the 20 countries.

Tunnelbear on Mac

With the standard free account, users are limited to 500MB traffic in a month. To upgrade users need to pay $5 a month billed annually.

2. ExpressVPN

The company describes this VPN services as easy to set up, secure and high speed. Whether you would like to use it on your Macbook, iPad or iPhone, you will find it very easy to set up. All you have to do is sign up, install the app and connect.

ExpressVPN on macOS

The connection you get with ExpressVPN is secured with SSL 256-bit encryption. Your privacy will be ensured no matter which site it is that you will visit. You can mask your IP and keep your online journey private thanks to the kill switch. The speed is also one of the best. ExpressVPN has over 145 locations in 94 countries and has unlimited server switches.

What makes this VPN service stand it is the 24/7 customer support. The only complaint is the price that is a little higher than other best VPN for Mac. The cheapest is the annual plan that will cost you $8.32 per month while the monthly plan will cost you $12.95. With any plan users get a 30-day money back guarantee and the ability to connect on up to three devices.

3. NordVPN

With over a thousand servers in 56 countries all over the world, this is a good VPN service. These servers are high speed to ensure users stream without issues and have high security to ensure the users’ data is protected.

NordVPN on Mac

The double data encryption ensures that the users are safe and can browse with ease knowing this. To protect privacy NordVPN never keeps any logs. The automatic kill switch shuts down any website as specified in advance. Users can mask their IP address by choosing one of the 58 locations to be their virtual location. To enhance this privacy even more, NordVPN has a DNS Leak Resolver that protects DNS queries so they are not sent out of VPN tunnels in their unencrypted form.

With a single subscription, you can access this VPN service from 6 devices. There is a three-day free trial after which you can choose one from the three packages offered. For the one month plan, it costs $11.95 per month while the 6 month plan costs $7.00 per month. The cheapest and best option is the annual plan which costs $5.75 per month. There is a 30-day money back guarantee. This however is only redeemable if this VPN service for Mac does not work; dissatisfaction is not considered.

4. VyprVPN

Browsing over public wi-fi? Do not worry. This VPN for Mac will help you keep your identity secure. You will also be able to protect your privacy online and bypass restrictive networks. The government and hackers will no longer be able to spy on you and you can access geo-blocked content.

vyprvpn on macOS

With over 700 servers that have unlimited server switching located all over the world, surfing using this VPN service is fast. There are over 200,000 IP addresses one can have so as to maintain anonymity when surfing the web. There are no third parties involved in running VyprVPN and hence the users can feel safer.

VyprVPN is available in two account levels namely VyprVPN and VyprVPN Premium. The prior costs $5.00 per month while the latter costs $6.67 per month, both billed annually. With the standard users get up to 3 simultaneous connections while with the premium one gets 5 simultaneous connections.

5. (Free and Paid)

Though initially meant for the German market, this great VPN is now available in the English language. There are an English website and support offered for users all over the world. There are three packages from which the users can choose the one they like the most. These are the free, plus and premium packages. Here we will dwell on the free version which is a great way to look at what the software has to offer before deciding to buy.

Hide me on macOS ensures that users get top-notch security (no data transfer logs) with fast speed and many protocols to choose devices. The protocols include OpenVPN, IKEv2, PPTP and L2TP to name but a few. The company boasts of having 115 servers located in 23 countries all over the world hence can allow users to be connected from more than one device at any given time.

With all these cool features and many more it is no wonder that it has been trusted by over 5 million users. It is important to note that the free version will only allow you 2 GB data transfer.

6. Hotspot Shield (Free and Paid)

This is among the best VPN free download you can get. Though the paid version is less restrictive, the free version still does get the job done. With the Hotspot Shield Free, you will be able to access servers in the US. With this, your internet connections will be secured and you will be warned in case you land on suspected phishing or malicious websites. Other than this, Hotspot Shield also protects you from downloading malware. It is kind of like a VPN and antivirus in one.

Hotspot Shield Free

Once installed, you will be met by a beautiful and small blue interface through which you will be able to interact with the software. You will be able to know if you are connected and what the current network is. As for browsing, you will be able to do it normally but an IP address will be seen as well as ads when using the free version.

Like with using other VPNs, you can expect a slight decrease in speed but it will not be too extreme. The download speed however may be adversely affected.

7. CyberGhost VPN

For unlimited data traffic, this is the best free VPN for MacOS Sierra. First of all is that you need not have a registered account to use the free version. With no data limits, this is the best option for Mac users who surf often. The speed is good but not the best since the BitTotrrents ports are blocked from use by the free users. There are ads that appear every two hours and users are required to reconnect every three hours. Other than this the features are quite commendable.

CyberGhost on Mac

With the CyberGhost VPN, you will be able to choose the country that would like to connect to and can specify the servers to be used as the VPN endpoint. The countries you can choose are a good number making it easy to access many websites.

The speed when using this VPN will be slow but the anonymity with which you can browse may just be worth the wait. There are no logs data retained and no identifying information left. What is more? You can pay for subscriptions in Bitcoins if you decide to upgrade to the paid versions making it easier to remain anonymous.

8. Private Tunnel

This is relatively new in the market but this is not to mean that it is of lower value by any means. It has been developed by the makers of OpenVPN Technologies which is among the most commonly preferred and secure protocols to use when using VPNs. With the free version of Private Tunnel, you get to have up to 2GB data traffic after which you will be required to upgrade to any of the paid versions.

Private Tunnel

The number of servers this service has is very little; only 12 locations in 9 countries. The company is based in the US and therefore the security of the data may not be guaranteed due to legal restrictions. However, only a few logs are stored and these are said to be used in maintenance and ensuring the best performance. As for encryption, the 128-bit AES-GCM is used which ensures the protection of the data without slowing the speed of the computer. The use of the VPN is also quite easy.

Bottom line

If you have been looking for a good VPN then you now know the top 9 you should try. If you are just using a VPN for the first time, consider using TunnerBear (free) as your preferred choice. For advanced users who are ready to invest, consider how reliable a VPN service is, its cost and security. With these in mind, you will find it very easy to choose the best VPN for Mac for you.

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  • Just a comment about HotSpot VPN, which I have on an annual plan & have been using for over a year. I’ve found it to periodically be unsatisfactorily show, and often unable to connect on any public wifi connection that’s the least bit iffy (as hotel wifi, which was why I got it in the first place, is!). Even when it works, though, it can often bug you by nagging you to use its additional features like its anti-virus/anti-malware (both of which I already have perfectly good versions of!), and keeps asking you if you LOVE how it’s doing (usually right after it’s logged you off because the signal’s not as strong as it likes and relogged you back in…eventually).

    If you have more than five devices in your household (as mine does – two iPhones, three iPads, two Windows 10 desktops, a Chromebook, & a Macbook Pro), you hit the five-device limit pretty fast. While I’m stuck with this for at least another year (and to be fair, for my static Windows boxes and our iPads, it generally works fine), I’m looking for something a lot faster and more stable for our phones and laptops….

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