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VMware Fusion 13: Free way to run Windows 11 and Apple Silicon Macs Together

Written by John

The new Mac M1/M2 is one of the most powerful devices from Apple. They come with a more powerful Apple Silicon chip than other CPUs, but installing Windows on them can be difficult using BootCamp. If you want to install Windows on your Apple Silicon Mac, there's only one way - use a Virtual Machine. One of the more popular choices is VMware Fusion.

VMware has finally released a version of their popular virtual machine software, VMware Fusion 13. This latest update supports Apple Silicon Macs and also includes support for the Virtual Trusted Platform Module (TPM 2.0) standard so you can install Windows 11 easily on your Mac!

Do you want to try out the free version of VMware Fusion for Mac?

So, do you want to try out some of these cool new features? We have good news! There is a free version called VMware Fusion Player 13. One is the VMware Fusion Pro which costs money but offers many advanced features like vSphere/ESXi, Remote vSphere Host Power.

Universal Installer Package for both Intel and M1/M2 Mac?

If you're looking for specific versions of Apple Silicon or Intel, the VMware Fusion 13 installer will be included. Just download and open it in your DMG file! The app checks what kind of processor is on board before choosing which version to install.

Run Windows 11 and Apple Silicon Macs Together

Windows 11 on Apple Silicon Macs with VMware Fusion 13 Pro

The installation process for Windows 11 on Apple Silicon Macs is very simple. First you need download the ARM version of Windows, then find a virtual machine software which supports TPM 2.0 that can install this OS with success! The new version of VMware Fusion 13 is much more than just a prettier interface. It also supports TPM2 and Windows 11 ARM installation, so you'll be able to use Windows on Mac with ease!

Unity Mode, Drag & Drop, or Copy & Paste, Shared Folders, Connect USB and Camera device.

Windows 11 Unity Mode on macOS Ventura

The installation of VMware Tool for Windows will allow you to use some great features like Unity Mode and Drag & Drop. Unity mode is a great way to have your virtual machine's applications on the Mac desktop. It allows you access from both File Explorer and Windows start menu in MacOS, so there are no more jumping around between windows or tabs!

Some devices use software that's only available for Windows and they don't have an ARM version inside them; but luckily there is a way around this problem! Simply connect your USB or Camera Devices to VMware Fusion 13, and then you can use it just like any other device.

3D Accelerated Graphics + OpenGL 4.3

On VMware Fusion 13, you can easily enable the 3D Accelerated feature and this will allow for a smoother virtual experience without any lag or delay. Additionally support has been added so that users are able to run OpenGL 4.

If you're running an Intel Mac, then VMware Fusion 13's support for GPU is great! But if your Mac has M1 or M2 processors, you should use a virtual machine for simple tasks such as browsing and writing documents instead of doing graphics-heavy work on your Mac.

There's a lot of excitement around the new VMware Fusion 13. It allows you to use your favorite operating system on Apple Silicon Chip. Get the free version of VMware Fusion to use Windows on your Apple device. If you need advanced features like Virtual Network or vSphere/ESXi, you can use VMware Fusion Pro Version.

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