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How to Restore macOS 10.12 Sierra with Time Machine Backup

Written by John

There is nothing as devastating as losing all your files and being unable to get them back. This is where the time machine backup comes in. This is the built-in backup feature that the macOS Sierra comes with. This allows users of these to store set a backup for all their data and they can then access this at a later date. The data is stored in an external hard drive or time capsule.

macOS Sierra is very stable and does not fail easily. There however might come a time when you may need to recover all the data. This may be due to a hard drive failing or a glitch when you are trying to upgrade your macOS Sierra. Even when you get a new Mac you will want to get a hold of your old files.

How can you benefit from the time machine backups on macOS Sierra? Set it up as soon as you remember and you will be able to recover the entire system when the need arises.

So, when the need to restore the files or the entire macOS Sierra arises, how do you go about it? It is really not a complicated process but a rather simple one. The benefits you stand to gain are that you will be able to restore not just the files but the entire Mac system from the software to the files.

Here is a step by step guide on how to restore your macOS Sierra using the time machine backup:

1. Connect the time machine backup drive to the macOS Sierra then restart the macOS Sierra. Hold the Command and R keys on the keyboard simultaneously while the computer boots.

2. The computer will boot to open the OS X recovery partition. From here, go to the “OS X Utilities” screen and highlight the “Restore from Time Machine Backup.” Click on the Continue button. This takes you to the next screen.

Restore from Time Machine Backup

Restore from Time Machine Backup

3. Choose the time machine volumes you want to restore from. These may be a network time capsule or an external backup drive depending on where you saved your data for backup.

Select a Backup Source

Select a Backup Source

4. Determine the date and time at which you want to backup. This is the time that you wish to restore the MacOS Sierra to. Any changes made to the system from the time you selected and the current time will not be effected in the backup you get. The best option is the most recently saved backup so you get more up to date data.

5. Click on Continue. Restoration will begin and once the process is finished, the computer shall reboot and you will have a system that is exactly like it was on the selected date.

In a matter of minutes you will be having your system restored an d you can enjoy accessing all the files you had before. But there is a catch. For you to benefit from this, there are several things you must do. The first and most obvious is that you need to set the time machine up. The best time to do this is as soon as you buy your Mac. You will also need to adjust the settings such that the time machine performs backup on routine schedule. Set this to be often so that you get most of your data when the inevitable happens. Well, you never know when disaster will strike.

Manual backups are also necessary since the routine may not cover all the areas you need. So, carry out complete manual backups often. The best time to do this is just before you install any updates or make any changes to major components of the macOS Sierra.

Though no one wishes to come to that time when all their data is gone, that time may unfortunately come. The best way is to be prepared when it comes by having all your information safely backed up in the Time machine that comes free of charge in the macOS Sierra.

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  • How do I do a restore from time machine without restarting my computer? The power button doesn’t work and to power off and on I have to go through a whole rigamoroh of taking the back cover off. I just had somebody do a clean install for me so it’s not an emergency restart situation.

  • Thank you for the great information on the time machine backup. I do have a question and I am really not computer knowledgeable as you will see by what I am asking. What kinds (brands and/or models) of external back up hard drives are compatible with sierra os 10.12? I’m finding a lot of comments of issues with Sierra and backups not working all too great. I just would like an easier plug and go, so to speak. Our older computer that the little ones use for basic homework and games is backed up to My Book and it’s been great but not so sure that particular brand is able to work on the new OS.
    Thank you.

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