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Need to use Notepad++ on Mac? Here are 10 Best Alternatives

Written by John

When you want to edit source codes in Windows, Notepad ++ is the go to the program. It is light in weight, loads faster and has helpful tools that were not there in Notepad. With Notepad++ users are able to edit source codes and get all the macros and plugins they need.

For Windows users, Notepad++ is enough to do all their source code editing work but for those on the Mac, they need to find suitable mac coding editor. Notepad++ is not supported on any macOS. What is the best Notepad++ on Mac? Here we look at the top 10 alternatives that you have.

Top 10 Alternative to Notepad++ on Mac

1. Atom

This is one of the best alternatives to Notepad++ on Mac. You can make it as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. It is run on Electron and is built with CSS, JS, CSS, HTML, and Javascript. There are many packages available and all you have to do is install one that suits your needs. From IDE features to code completion to snippets and much more, you can find a suitable package.

Atom on macOS High Sierra

This program is open source and you can find many useful packages from both the community and the code interpretation. There are different themes to choose from as well so the interface looks just the way you want it. Better yet, create your own package or theme and/or share with other community members.

Atom will work well on any Mac and also on Windows and Linux. With the file browser, getting to stored files will be a breeze. Smart auto competion and find and replace’ features make it easy to write codes and edit them. Open multiple panes and you will be able to compare code files separately.

2. Sublime Text

This is yet another suitable notepad++ for Mac alternative. Before we delve into the details of the editor, it is important to understand that the choice between a text editor and an Integrated Development Environment is very important. It will impact the coding style as well as how comfortable you are doing it.

Sublime Text on Mac

Sublime Text is very easy to use especially when developing a website. It can also read java files and css. All these file types are color-coded making it very easy to manipulate them and detect any problems. The IDE can be personalized by using the free package manager provided. There are many packages to choose from including those that determine themes, enable remote access, consoles and much more.

Sublime Text is free to download but after an evaluation period, you will be required to purchase a $70 license. The evaluation period however, is not specified.

3. Brackets

This is a powerful modern text editor that is good for HTML, CSS, JS while being light in weight. With it, you will be able to easily design in the browser. With visual tools, editing in this text editor is very easy and simplified. It is actually what we would recommend for students learning to code.


Brackets support multiple languages so you will find one that you understand best. All code pages you create are run together to allow easy testing. This program comes with a hosting mode in which a browser is opened and the page is updated at the same time as you write the code. In this mode, static pages and links can be easily included in the webpage relatively with no need to put the absolute link for testing.

4. UltraEdit

This Mac coding editor is easy to navigate. All the files are organized in a tree-like structure just like in Windows Explorer. The software is light and has very many options. It can even edit text files. Users can search and format text as they wish. Text is not all you can edit with this software though. You can work on a wide variety of programming languages.

UltraEdit on Mac

With syntax highlighting this will be very easy. Even if you have large files to edit, this editor is capable enough to handle them. Even if the files come in other languages, the UTF support will allow you to edit them. The interface and its functions can be easily customized.

5. TextMate

With Textmate, any programmer or designer will be happy. This editor helps do manual work and reduce the stress associated with your job. This software is created by UNIX geek and is easy to use and exclusive for the Mac. This means that it has been optimized for use with Macs. No matter the OS you are using, you will find this very useful.


TextMate is not IDE but it employs the use of macos, Snippets and scoping systems that provide features that even some IDEs lack. It is light in weight with a clean and minimalistic interface that is easy to use, it also has many project management features that will help organize your work.

6. Coda 2

This is the second version of a well-known text editor Mac. It is slightly different from its predecessor though. There is a resizeable visual tab bar that makes it easy to switch tabs. When a tab is opened, it is assigned a dynamic thumbnail and text labels and file extensions. The interface is very clean and intuitive with everything within reach.

Coda 2

With autocomplete and validation, using this code editor is very easy. To make it even easier to create codes, this program saves snippets so with just a few characters you can get the code. You can preview the codes in iPad thanks to the great device syncing capability of the app.

7. Textastic

With this editor, you will have more than a Notepad++ alternative. It is easy to navigate and even jump through the code. Whether it is a CSS code or a Markdown, jumping between sections is really easy. There is a toolbar that has encoding and format options while the one at the bottom gives columns and build-in lines count.

Textastic on Mac

You can personalize your work on Textasic with the different themes available. The line numbers, font type and size and indentation can also be changed. To get an uncrowded space for writing, just turn off the status bar and line numbers at the bottom and left respectively.

8. CodeRunner 2

This programming editor is feature packed with the best IDE but is still light in weight and free from clutter. It supports many languages and the simple interface makes it very easy to use.

CodeRunner 2

With IDE-level code completion, you will be able to get your work done faster. The options include documentation snippets, tab-selectable placeholders and fuzzy search.

What can you do with Coderunner 2? Edit any codes you want and in any language. To debug, just select the text margin setting it as the breakpoint and go to call stack then view and edit the local variables. Start issuing debugger commands and let this program take over.

9. Visual Studio Code

This is the nearest that Users can get to the Notepad++ on Mac. Visual Studio Code is even supported in macOS and Windows users can use it as they wish. Why is this good choice for a code editor?

Visual Studio Code

It is fast to configure and it comes with many likeable features. It has great typescript support but it can also be used to work on many other languages including Java, Python and so on. The interface is easy to use and it comes with syntax highlighting.

Visual Studio Code has an Intellisense-like feature, many autocomplete options, code refactoring, snippets and a debugger. There are many plugins that you can add to help customize the program as well.

10. Bbedit

This text and HTML editor is specifically designed for the web developer using a Mac. It has many configuration options and external packages that can be used to add functionality. It has syntax highlighting, clippings, version control systems and integration id scripts.


The interface is clean with line editing, margin and column width options that will suit your needs. People can no longer purchase this software from the Mac App Store but it can be bought from the Bones Software website for $49. To upgrade from the previous version, you will only need to pay $29.

Bottom line

Even if there is no Notepad++ on Mac, there are plenty of other options that Mac users can opt for. There are some capable text editors out there that rival Notepad++. When choosing, go for an editor that will allow you to do what you do best, coding without holding you back. If it makes the work even easier with snippets and auto complete then it is an even better option. If you care much about the looks of the editor then go ahead and get one that has themes to choose from so you get one that suits your preferences.

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