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  • Thanks Sr, it works good, it’s not like a real mac, but it has enough performance, i’m download xcode and i’ll try to compile something

  • Thanks for your article!

    I spent two days on this. Tried everything. Called Apple Care. Did a clean install, zapped pram, disabled iCloud, etc. Nothing worked.

    Turned out to be an option in Accessibility Preferences.

    When Double-click speed for your mouse is set to Slow in Accessibility Preferences, it slows down the Finder overall, not just the double-click speed.

    System Preferences

    –– > Accessibility
    –––– > Mouse & Track Pad
    –––––– > Set Double-click speed to Fast

I tested this by using Cmd + Shift + N to create several folders on the desktop in rapid succession. Then I selected them and used Cmd + Delete to move them to the Trash.

    With double-click speed set to slow, there would be a several second delay both when creating the new folders and when moving them to the Trash. But with double-click set to fast, the folders were created instantly and moved to the Trash instantly, as fast as I could hit the keys.

  • Thanks,
    I have only one problem, I cant change the resolution. In full screen it is 1024*768. I wanted it to 1366*768. In Display preference there is only one option of resolution that is 1024*768. Can you please tell me how to fix this.

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