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How to Install Xcode 7 on OS X El Capitan on VMware

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Xcode 7 comes with all that you would need to create amazing and inventive apps for the iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch and Apple TV Platforms. With the new version of swift, you can easily receive updates and it is faster then ever before. It has some great features which make it easy for you to create application code. With the new playgrounds, you can create experiments with new APIs or create applications interactively with the embedded resources, source code and comments. Xcode’s user interface testing feature records your application in real time action as it automatically generates tests for you to ensure application quality.

Xcode provides you with a unified workflow for UI/UX design, coding, testing and even debugging. The Xcode IDE combined wit the cocoa frameworks and swift language makes developing apps easier and more fun than ever before. It includes the IDE, Swift and Objective-C compilers, analytics tools, simulators and the latest tools. This is in addition to hundreds of other powerful features which make it the ultimate tool to have for your daily development work.

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Steps to Install XCode 7 on OS X El Capitan on VMware

Step 1: Drag “Xcode.dmg” file to Your OS X on Virtual Machine

You can download Xcode on Appstore. Turn on your OS X El Capitan on VMware then Drag Xcode 7.dmg file to VMware.

Drag Xcode 7 to Virtual Machine

Drag Xcode 7 to Virtual Machine

Step 2: Open DMG File on Virtual Machine

Open DMG File

Open DMG File

Step 3: Install Xcode 7 on El Capitan on VMware

Open Xcode Folder then Drag “Xcode File” to Applications folder.

Install Xcode 7

Drag to Install App

Open Launchpad then select Xcode

Open Xcode 7 in Launchpad

Open App in Launchpad

Done! Now, Your XCode 7 working on OS X El Capitan on VMware

Xcode Installed

Xcode 7 working on OS X El Capitan

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Xcode simulator was not properly working on this OS X El Capitan on VMware. Please advice me.


Please can this work on vs 10.10.?

Edson Lemos

hello , I used this tutorial because I was not able to download the Xcode in the app store , always appears an error message stating that the app has not been verified . Can you tell me why this happens ?
I’m from Brazil , I’m sorry if I wrote something incorrect.


Hi , Can you tell me why I can’t drag Xcode.dmg from Windows desktop to os on vmplayer ? It just won’t let me ? Thanks


Hello, I’m having difficulty DnD from Windows 10 (host) to El Capitan (guest). Running the 5.0.34 v of VB. Thoughts? From what I’ve researched OS X guests cannot add the vbox additions.

NIcanor García

Is it possible to do this in VirtualBox? Thank you very much.


No answer from you and my reply to you not approved?


What happened to the AMD el capitan

Peter C

Does the ‘install-os-x-el-capitan-amd-processor-vmware-windows’ project is closed or stop any development? Thanks !


What happened to the other post about installing El Capitan on a VMWare machine with tens of comments?