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Install Intel HD Graphics 3000, 4400, 4600 on macOS with Full QE/CI

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In this guide, you will learn how to Install Intel HD Graphics 3000, 4400 or 4600 Kext on OS X El Capitan, macOS Sierra and High Sierra. It works on all Intel HD 3000, 4400, 4600 sometime working with Intel 4200. If your Graphics does not belong to one of the Graphics, this guide is not for you, unfortunately.

In case if you do not have macOS installed on your computer, you can find out more details about installing OS X on my website.

Before you proceed, it is critical to understand that the performance of your computer after Install Intel HD Graphics 3000/4400/4600 Kext  may vary. If you have successfully enabled native resolution on your display, it is now time to enable partial acceleration. In macOS, full acceleration requires that both Quartz Extreme and Core Image (QE/CI) to work together.

Quartz Extreme and Core Image (QE/CI) should work in conjunction to enable full acceleration on macOS. You have to boost the graphic power to maximum. In case if you haven’t boosted your graphic card, it may lead to mouse tearing, graphic related issues and poor refresh rate. Therefore it is crucial to ensure that your graphic card is fully accelerated.

All tool:

Steps to Install Intel HD Graphics 3000, 4400, 4600 on macOS

Step 1: Install all Kext with Kext Utility

After you extract Intel Graphics Install Kext utility. Open then Drag all kext to Kext utility:

Install Kext with Kext Utility

Install Kext with Kext Utility

Select Target Disk is El Capitan then click Install

Select Target Disk

Select Target Disk

Step 2: Mount EFI Partition with Clover Configurator

Extract Clover, open Clover, select Mount EFI then click Mount EFI Partition

Mount EFI Partition

Mount EFI Partition

Step 3: Copy Config.plist to EFI Partition

Open EFI Partition, open EFI\Clover, copy and paste this file Config.plist

Copy and Paste Config File

Copy and Paste Config File

Select Replace file

Replace File

Replace File

Step 4: Copy all Kext to EFI Partition

Open EFI Partition, open EFI\Clover\Kexts\Other, copy all Kext file then paste here

Copy all Kext to Clover

Copy all Kext to Clover

Done! Now, Reboot your OS X El Capitan.

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  • Hi, again.. I have a only question, what should I do to boot only in my HDD because to run OS X need its USB MacPwn, it’s like my OS X El Capitan installed depends from USB Installer MacPwn is inserted to boot HDD… I need to reponse to my issue..

  • Hi, I have trouble open and oiuntmount Efi partition. When I mount this partition and navigate to it, there’s no file like picture show, only has one folder named Efi and inside there’s another one named APPLE and inside this a folder named EXTENSIONS. What I’m doing wrong? I unmount the usb installer when Mac OS X gui runs, but I found in the USB the folder EFI and all its contents, in the device EFI, there’s no nothing. Other point is when I navigate in the EFI folfer (in USB installer), I don’t found the 10.11 folder. Please help me to my Mac OS X runs well with your tools that you provide. Sorry for my bad english!!

  • Hello, John! I suppose I have to change the name of the config_HD3000_1600x900_1.plist to Config.plist… but Do I have to change the names of the Kext files too? I did everything in your guide and It’s not working… help, please!

  • I am confused about step 3 too. Where do I get the config.plist to copy and paste into the clover folder? in the google drive there’s a folder ‘Config File by Tech’ and a lot of plist files. What is the correct to load HD 440 gpu from a i3-4160?

  • I have intel hd4000 desktop, I tried solution to activate qe/ci, but after loading screen, it show me blank screen, I used via vga port. Is this tutorial just for mobile version or desktop either?

  • I get as far as mounting the efi partition which is empty. Where is the clover folder and its files? I’m not mac proficient and need some help with this.

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