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How to Enter Full Screen Mode in macOS in VirtualBox

Written by John

The macOS Mojave is one of the coolest operating systems out there. It is loaded with many great features including the new file system, the APFS, which replaced Apple’s HFS. This gives increased copy and writes speeds and increased security with inbuilt encryption. The interface of the operating system also received some serious tweaks that made it more user-friendly and easy to use compared to the previous iOSs. These great operating systems are perfect for Mac users but what if you are a Windows user and want to enjoy these VirtualBox allows you to run your preferred operating system in your Windows PC.

In this case, you can enjoy using the macOS Mojave or High Sierra on a virtual machine created using this VirtualBox inside your Windows PC. To make the experience even better, VirtualBox allows its users to enter full screen mode. With macOS High Sierra or Mojave in full screen, you will be just like the person using a Mac somewhere.

How to Enter Full Screen mode in MacOS in VirtualBox

Step 1: Download the macOS High Sierra or Mojave virtual image file and the Oracle VM VirtualBox software. Install VirtualBox and then create a new virtual machine.

Step 2: Click on the High Sierra or Mojave virtual machine and copy your virtual machine’s name, then close your VirtualBox.

Virtual Machine's Name

Step 3: Open "Resolution key". In the part of the resolution key screen written “Your virtual machine name”, type in the name of the virtual machine. In this case, we will type in “macOS Mojave 10.14”. In the space after the "Efi graphics resolution", replace the X resolution written there with what you prefer. In this case, we will be using 1920x1080. In the next line, type in the words: “1920x1080" is my resolution” without the quotes.

Resolution Key: Download Link

Resolution Key

Step 4: Open Command Prompt by clicking on the Windows button. Type “cmd” in the search box and click on Enter. Right click on "Command Prompt" and click on “Run as administrator”. Leave it open.

Open Command Prompt (cmd)

Step 6: Highlight and copy the part written in the Resolution key. Paste this to the open CMD window. Click Enter.

cd “c:/Program Files\oracle\virtualbox”
VBoxManage setextradata “macOS Mojave 10.14” VBoxInternal2/EfiGraphicsResolution 1920x1080

Add Commands in cmd

Step 7: Open the Oracle VM VirtualBox program and highlight the operating system. Click on the “Start” button. This will open the High Sierra virtual machine.

Step 8: You can change to scale mode or full screen mode any time you want. To do this, go to the view screen and click on “Full Screen Mode” or “Scaled Mode” to change to the respective state. What the host key means is right Ctrl. Use the “Host+F” and “Host+C” shortcuts to open the full screen and scaled modes respectively.

Enter Full Screen Mode in macOS Mojave in VirtualBox

Done! macOS Mojave in VirtualBox with full resolution

macOS Mojave with full Resolution

Using macOS High Sierra or Mojave may prove useful to many people. From cross-platform app developers to people who love trying new things, many will find VirtualBox really useful. With it, you will be able to open and run macOS applications just as Mac users do. The full screen mode makes the experience even better with users able to have the true feeling of Mac users without interruptions from the Windows system. You never have to see a Windows notifications as you spend time in your macOS high Sierra or Mojave! How nice! Give this a try today!

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  • Hi,

    I have a problem with setting a larger resolution. I have tried putting those commands, but it doesn’t change the resolution from 1024×768. OS X also seems to say that the graphics adapter memory is only 3Mb.

      • I have the same problem and my resolution is 2K and I want to change it to a bigger resolution even if it’s smaller than 2K but I couldn’t it doesn’t change at all, I tried your code and other kind of codes no use at all

      • Same issue here. Only choice after inputting command and powering on guest is still 1024×768. My actual resolution is 3840×2160. I tried that in the command first, no go. I tried just 1920×1080 afterwards, and no dice. If I choose scaled mode in Virtualbox, it actually goes *smaller*, probably 800×600. Pulling up ‘Display’ in the Mac guest it says I have a 17.8 display (1024×768) and 3MB video RAM.

  • Hi, virtualbox is not recognizing my nvidia card. i installed the nvidia driver from the nvidia website within the vm and although it accepted the driver, screen tears remain. Any thought to having the vm recognize the video card?

      • Hi John, Same symptoms- Actual card in PC is nvidia 1060.
        Screen resolution is 1920×1080. I’ve entered the code without error and earlier code where the value for my monitor was ‘4’. Virtual Box 5.2.18. Windows 10 host, Mac High Sierra VM.

  • >