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How to Download macOS Sonoma

Written by John

macOS Sonoma is a new version that replaces macOS Ventura and introduces several new features. However, at the moment, macOS Sonoma is only available as a beta version for developers. If you wish to use macOS 14 Sonoma, you may encounter some issues, such as limited support for certain software or potential errors during usage. Nonetheless, for macOS enthusiasts, the desire to experience macOS Sonoma quickly remains strong. Hence, this guide will provide you with different methods to download macOS Sonoma.

How to Download macOS Sonoma

1. Download with Dev Account

Since macOS Sonoma is currently only available as a Developer beta, you need to have a Developer account if you want to download it. You can register for a Developer account by following the link provided. After that, you can proceed to the provided link and download the macOS Developer Beta Access Utility , which you will need to install.

Install macOS Developer Beta Access Utility

Once you have successfully installed the macOS Developer Beta Access Utility, your macOS system will automatically search for the latest version of macOS Sonoma in the Software Update. Now, you just have to wait for the download process to complete, and then you can proceed with the installation of macOS Sonoma.

2. Direct Download macOS Sonoma with InstallAssistant file

In addition to the methods mentioned above, you have the option to directly download macOS Sonoma using the InstallAssistant file from Apple's server. The InstallAssistant.pkg file contains the macOS Sonoma installation package, packed within a single pkg file.

Extract Sonoma InstallAssistant.pkg file

After downloading the file, open the pkg file, and once the extraction process is complete, you will find the macOS Sonoma installer in your Applications folder, named 'Install macOS Sonoma' This is the official macOS Sonoma installation package.

macOS Sonoma Final (09/26 available): ...
macOS Sonoma Dev 7 (Latest Version): Download InstallAssistant here

macOS Sonoma in Applications folder

These three methods are the available ways to download the macOS Sonoma installer. You can choose the most suitable method based on your needs. If you wish to access new macOS Dev version, you can join the Developer program or opt for a direct download using the InstallAssistant file. However, please keep in mind that macOS Sonoma is currently in the Beta Dev Version, so there may be some unsupported software or potential errors during usage. Therefore, it is recommended to back up your data before installing macOS Sonoma.

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