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How to create OS X 10.11 El Capitan USB Installer on PC

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It’s advisable that you create OS X El Capitan USB Installer drive on PC Windows. A convenient way to install El Capitan on multiple PC or Macs is by use of a bootable USB installer drive. This option is more suitable and faster than having to download and Install or Update OS X El Capitan.

This tutorial help you create USB Installer with El Capitan MacPwn. Donwload DMG file then you can use TransMac to create USB Installer. DMG file is created by MacPwn tool.

What is MacPwn? The development of MacPwn has been ongoing since OS X Mavericks was released. It’s a tool that enables the user to create vanilla USB El Capitan Installer. With MacPwn, it’s now possible to create El Capitan USB Installer with the Clover Legacy bootloader, Clover UEFI bootloader or Chameleon bootloader. Only the El Capitan OS X 10.11(15A284), available here for download.

El MacPwn Version:

Google drive (one full):
Google drive (7 of 7 Part):
Fix Download Limit:

Steps to Create El Capitan USB Installer on PC

Step 1: Download and Install TransMac

You can download Transmac then install:



Step 2: Format USB Installer with Mac Partition

Right click on Your USB then select “Format Disk for Mac”

Format Your USB

Format Your USB

Step 3: Burn DMG to Your USB Installer

Select “Restore with Disk Image” then open your DMG file:

Restore with Image

Restore with Image

Open MacPwn El Capitan.dmg file

Open Your DMG File

Open Your DMG File

Done! You can install OS X 10.11 El Capitan on PC with this USB Installer

El Capitan USB Flash Drive Installer

El Capitan USB Flash Drive Installer

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