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How To Convert PDF to Word Documents on macOS Sierra

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PDFs are a great type of documents that allow sharing without them being tampered with. This however has its limitations to the recipient. He or she cannot edit the document even when they need to. To ease this, you can easily convert a PDF file into a word document or another format for editing on a text editor. When you decide to convert PDF into word in macOS Sierra, you have two options and these are what we will be looking at.

Using macOS Sierra’s Automator

This is a free tool that macOS comes with. It creates a workflow that extracts text from PDFs and saves it as RTF or text document. To set this up, go to the Applications folder and open Automator. On the screen that appears choose to make a Workflow. On the right column, drag your file or folder to Automator.

Drag File to Automator

Drag File to Automator

Click on “PDFs” in the left column and select “Extract PDF text” button from the second column. You can specify whether to save the extracted file as a rich text or plain text. Rich Text is the better option because the text retains the original formatting. Click “Run” to Convert PDF to Word Documents.

Convert PDF to Word Documents with Automator

Convert PDFs to Word Documents with Automator

To open a PDF document this way, launch the application and from the screen that appears choose a PDF document of choice. The file will be opened but now as the preferred document type with a different extension (the file name remains the same, only the extension is changed). You can now copy or edit the document as you wish.

Third-party software

There are many programs out there that can change PDF documents into word. They are likely to give you a much cleaner document than the automator with all the images and retain text formatting. They however come at an additional cost. A good example is Adobe Acrobat Pro.

Adobe Acrobat Pro

Adobe Acrobat Pro

The Adobe Acrobat Pro software does the job well. The final word document will resemble the PDF retaining much of its original formatting. When you convert documents to other formats like HTML, PowerPoint, Image or any other format the formatting is also maintained.

Export Your PDF to any format

Export Your PDF to any format

It takes quite a while to convert a document using Adobe Acrobat for Mac but the final result is sure worth the wait. The columns are retained and so is the formatting on the words, pages and documents. The page layout is also retained. Though this software works perfectly with documents that have simple layouts, those with more complex layouts do not come out exactly how they were as PDFs. They are, however, much better than those converted with the automator.

When you want to convert a PDF document to word, consider what your reasons are. If you just want to copy some text, then the first method is ideal. If you intend to make a few changes and reprint the document or create a new PDF, then a pdf to word converter for macOS Sierra software is the better option.

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