CleanMyMac 3 Review 2018: Do You Need Mac Cleaner App?

Cleanmymac 3

CleanMyMac 3 Review 2018

CleanMyMac 3 is the latest version of the cleanup app by MacPaw. This app is very easy to use and works effectively to clean the Mac. You will particularly find it useful if you have a Mac that has been in use for a while. Over time, Macs tend to accumulate lots of junk that is not necessary. These include service copies of iPhoto images, language support files, developer files and many more. Any junk that is taking up disk space unnecessarily will be removed by CleanMyMac.

Other than being a cleanup app, this application also offers important maintenance utilities. It comes with an uninstaller, shredder and many more. The functions of CleanMyMac can be done using other apps and even the Mac’s terminal but this requires some level of expertise and time. It is best left to power users. If you are not one of these the best solution you have is CleanMyMac 3. In this CleanMyMac 3 review you will find all the details you need to decide if this is an app you need.

The Good

  • The smart cleanup only requires a singe click to start cleaning.
  • The uninstaller removes a parts of an application when uninstalled.
  • The privacy feature covers your tracks.
  • The user interface is incredibly easy to use.

The Bad

  • When installed it adds itself to the list of login items which can slow startup
  • 500MB limitation on trial
  • It sends too many alerts that can be annoying.

What’s new in CleanMyMac 3?

The 7 year MacPaw company has just released the third version of CleanMyMac. What new features will this version have? It will have a new intelligent safety database that is capable of deciding what system, applications and user files and folders to keep and the ones to get rid of during the cleanup. The Mac will be thoroughly scanned and cleaned. Even new system junk sub modules like old updates, Xcode junk and document versions will be deleted. Other than system junk, the CleanMyMac will clean iTunes junk and mail attachments.

In this new Mac cleanup version users will have a dashboard where the system resources state can be monitored. You will be able to see how the memory, battery charge, monitor activity and disk space are being used. You will also get alerts on any health issue and will be able to clean up the RAM. To help with disk management, the new CleanMyMac will come with a new Maintenance module. This will help resolve with mail database, rebuild the launch services database and verify startup disk among other functions required to optimize the Mac’s memory.


This app boasts of having an elegant yet simple interface. There are high quality graphics and clear text instructions making it very easy for users to find their way.


CleanMyMac 3 will free up lots of disk space and with this the performance of the Mac will be improved greatly.


The demo version is free but if you decide to get serious the price for licence to be used on one Mac the price to pay is $39.95, for two Macs it will cost $59.52.

CleanMyMac 3 Review: Features


Smart Cleanup

The smart cleanup feature has been improved to make it more critical and efficient. Thanks to the extended intelligent safety database, the app will be able to make appropriate decisions on the material to be deleted while leaving what matters to you and the functioning of the Mac. When you select the smart cleanup feature, the Mac will be scanned for files that can be removed. Choose to clean these and the Mac will be cleaned thoroughly.


System Junk

No matter what OS it is that you are using, over time system files accumulate even those that are unnecessary. CleanMyMac 3 will get rid of any system logs, language files and cache files. Automatically saved document versions, Xcode junk and old versions of applications will be cleaned as well. These temporary files do not normally go away when the final copy is saved but with this cleaning app they will be deleted.


Mail Attachments

There is a mail attachment module that will scan for downloaded mail attachments and clean them up. When these are cleaned you will still be able to access them from your mail.


iTunes Junk

iTunes does not just store the music but other iOS data as well. The iTunes junk feature cleans all the iTunes junk you may not even be aware of. Any old device backups, software updates, copies of iOS applications and incomplete iTunes download files will be deleted.



The CleanMyMac 3 dashboard will tell users of how the system resources like memory, CPU and storage are being utilized. You will also be able to tell the health status of the battery and receive notifications on any issue the Mac may be ailing from. You will be able to clean up the RAM straight from the dashboard and improve the performance of the Mac instantly.


CleanMyMac 3 Menu

This new feature will make it possible to acess the application’s main tools without opening the CleanMyMac app. To set the menu feature go to CleanMyMac 3 then Preferences then enable the CleanMyMac menu. With the menu you will be able to monitor the trash bin, free up RAM and force quit unresponsive applications.



This feature does the work of Apple’s Disk Utility in an easy and simple way. With it you will be able to verify the startup disk, set up disk permissions and other disk maintenance functions.



CleanMyMac 3 will be able to clean up all the data that if someone gets access to they will gain private information. These include browsing history, cookies, saved passwords, message history and attachments, auto-fill values and download history among others.



macOS allows users to uninstall applications but more often than not pieces of the applications are still left within the Mac. The most common are preferences and caches. With CleanMyMac 3 when an app is uninstalled all the files associated with it are removed leaving lots of hard drive space.



There are extensions, widgets and plugins in different applications. CleanMyMac 3 brings all these in one place and gives users the option of disabling as many as they want. You can also be able to manage start up items.



This feature deletes items permanently so they cannot be recovered. Be sure not to shred any files you may wish to recover soon. Unlike placing items in trash where they are still occupying the hard drive, shredded data is lost and does not occupy any hard drive space.

Is CleanMyMac 3 Safe?

MacPaw claims that the Safety Database they have come up with contains a list of rules that determine what items need to be left in the Mac and those that need to be cleaned. They claim that with this application one will be able to clean up only files that are not useful to the user or can be obtained in a different manner. System files and user files are left intact even after a system cleanup. The pp does not affect the normal operation of the operating system in place. It only makes it load faster. The CleanMyMac application does not contain any malware or virus.

Setup and installation

The setup and installation process for the CleanMyMac 3 application is very easy. Just follow these steps:

1. Go to the official MacPaw website and download the software from the CleanMyMac 3 page.

2. You will get a .dmg file. Drag its icon to the Applications Folder and the installation process will continue automatically.

3. To open CleanMyMac 3, search for it in Spotlight or open it via the Applications folder.

You can try the free demo that will help clean 500MB but to clean the Mac entirely you will need to activate the app. To do this, continue with the steps below.

4. Open the application and click on the “Activate” at the upper right hand corner. Click on “Buy License.” You will be taken to the official website where you will be required to pay and an activation number will be sent to your inbox.

5. Go back to the open CleanMyMac 3 app and enter the activation number. This will activate it and now you can benefit from all its wonderful features.

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I hope you have got the information you were looking for from this CleanMyMac 3 review. This is an application that will help any Mac user keep their computer in good shape with no junk and with lots of hard drive space that can be put to good use. With this comes a speed boost. The Mac will boot fast, applications will launch faster and downloads will be fast among other improvements. If you have been struggling with a slow Mac, this is an app that holds the solution. It is packed with many features that you will find useful. Get the CleanMyMac 3 app today.

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