Best PDF Editor 2019

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The Portable Document Format is rapidly becoming the preferred document type for many. It has been put to personal and business uses in equal measure and in 2019, PDF usage will only increase. PDFs may be replacing hard copy printed documents very soon and you need to be prepared for that.

There are many PDF software out there claiming to be the best. Which one should you pick? To make it easy for you we have done research and come up with a list of the very Best PDF editor 2019. Here, you will find capable software that will make it easy for you to create, edit and share PDF files. We have weighed all your needs and chosen programs that will suit the needs of diverse people. Read on and you will find the best pdf editor for you.

Best PDF Editor 2019

1. Nitro Pro

With an interface that borrows heavily from the Microsoft Office look, users will find the Nitro Pro very easy to use especially if you are used to MS Office programs. There is a ribbon at the top with tabs that give easy access to what you want. You will be able to create, edit, review, protect and share PDF files easily.

Nitro Pro on Windows 10

Creating a PDF file is very easy on Nitro Pro. Combine PDFs in one or import from other file types like Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint and so on. You can also convert PDFs to the different file formats. You can extract single or multiple pages, convert several PDF files in a batch and even convert email attachments with Outlook plugin.

Edit documents like a pro and have different fonts, layouts and other edits in documents. To ease the editing process, this best pdf editing software comes with a feature called optical character recognition that allows scanned documents to be made scannable, searchable and editable. To ease collaboration and team effort, Nitro Pro has many markup and revision tools that are easy to use.

Limit access to documents by securing them with a sign, secure and certification security tools. All that Nitro offers can be accessed from anywhere with the Nitro Cloud Service. A single user license will cost you $159.99 but teams, businesses, and enterprises can get more value for money by buying together.

2. Foxit PhantomPDF

This is a great pdf editor Windows users love. It offers more to the user than the other PDF programs while still remaining easy to use.

Foxit Phantom PDF

Creating a PDF document on PhantomPDF is very easy. You can merge or split PDF documents into one, drag and drop pages to a PDF file, and create PDFs from different file formats including web pages. Create different PDF types like PDF X, A, and E. You can even create forms for data collection. Edits can be easily made to different sections of the PDF document.

Insert PDF with Foxit PhantomPDF

This software is fully integratable with many content management systems. This way, team members can make changes to files easily and share their reviews and comments easily. All PDF documents opened with Foxit are scannable and content can be easily found using the search box. To protect these documents, you can add signatures, encrypt and permanently remove content from a file to protect sensitive information. People with disability can access all the features that this PDF has to offer. Everyone can get all the good things PhantomPDF has to offer online via a web browser.

There are different versions of the Foxit Phantom so anyone can find what suits them best. Education package goes for $9.95 for an annual subscription while the Standard version will cost you $7.99 per month or $129.00 one-off fee. The business version goes for $8.99 per month or $159.00 one-off fee.

3. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Everyone knows that Adobe Acrobat is synonymous with the word PDF. It is no wonder that the Adobe Acrobat Pro PC is the best pdf editor for Mac. It is very easy to use. Mac users even get an Acrobat ribbon in Microsoft Word for easy conversion of word docs to PDF.

Adobe Acrobat Pro

With the Pro DC, you will not only be able to create PDFs on your desktop but also your phone. Use the Adobe scan mobile app to create PDFs from anything ranging from receipts to whiteboards to business cards. Editing, converting and signing pdfs can also be done from any device. All the documents you get with Adobe Acrobat can be opened on any screen and they will look great.

With e-signatures, you get the chance to personalize all your PDFs with your signature. With just your finger, input your signature and the document will be ready for sharing. You can even track signed documents. Though the DC is the best Acrobat yet, it is not overpriced. You just need to pay $14.99 per month and get the best experience.

4. PDF Architect

A beautiful white and red interface is what will welcome you to the best PDF editor 2019.

PDF Architect 5

With this program, you will get the power to design your PDFs just how you like them. You will be able to create, edit, sign and secure PDF files and forms. Review pdf documents with ease and share your feedback with team members instantly.

The PDF architect has three packages. The standard costs $59 while the pro costs $89 and the Pro with OCR capabilities will cost you $119.

5. Nuance Power PDF Advanced

This comes with a Microsoft Office Style ribbon that makes it very simple to use and very powerful features that any business will find useful.

Nuance Power PDF Advanced

Easily integrate the PowerPDF with any enterprise document management system and collaboration will be a breeze. Creating, editing and sharing pdf files is easier than ever with this best pdf software 2019. With OCR, scan documents and create editable PDF files, import from word and other file formats or copy from other PDFs and create a PDF file you want.

The Nuance Power PDF Advanced is fully compatible with touch devices and comes with great security features that can secure all your business secrets. What is more? Costing only $149.99 per license it will save you the much you would pay in monthly fees for the Acrobat.

Bottom line

When choosing the best PDF editor 2019, you need to ensure that you get it right. This will determine how easy your work is. You need to get the best that you can afford. The best is the Adobe Acrobat Pro DC but if you prefer one that charges a little less then you have the other five to choose from. Be sure to confirm that what you pick has the features you need.

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