Best Mac Data Recovery Software of 2019

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Anyone can accidentally delete an app or some data from their Mac. The problem is when the data is very important, and you just have to get it back. How will you get it back? You could use the Time Machine but what if you had forgotten to set the backup frequency? Plus, the backup will not contain data stored in hard drives other than the primary one. The next best solution is to use the best Mac Data Recovery software. This will help you recover trash Mac data and even data that which is not in the trash bin.

There are many data recovery apps all claiming to be the best; which one should you use on your Mac? You need to choose one that will is easy to use and will help you recover all kinds of data. Just because you lost a file today does not mean that you will not lose a video tomorrow. It is best to get software that will help you in all events of data loss. The storage devices supported should also be numerous. The speed at which the software recovers the data is also very important.

For those using the new macOS High Sierra, ensure that the app you get supports the new APFS file system. If you are using the older macOS versions, get one that supports HFS.

Best Mac Data Recovery Software of 2019

1. Disk Drill

Disk Drill on macOS High Sierra

The Disk Drill interface is simple and easy to use. Users can easily perform a search for lost data and recover what they need with the click of a single button.

This app can recover all types of lost files including videos, photos, music and other files. You can recover trash Mac or data lost due to damage on the storage device. It supports over 200 file formats and many kinds of storage devices. From mobile phones to iPods to USB flash drives to Kindles all sorts of storage are supported.

Even if the storage device is damaged Disk Drill will help you get your data back. The file systems supported by this software are NTFS, EXT3/EXT4, ex-FAT, FAT, HFS+ and HFS.

2. Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery

Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery

The makers of this software claim that it is the easiest data recovery software in the world and it does live up to this. The interface is very easy to navigate. Simply choose the kind of files you would like to recover and the drive to scan. You can choose to just to scan lightly or perform a deep scan. You also have the option of choosing how the results will be displayed.

Different file systems are supported by this data recovery software for Mac including NTFS, HFS and ex-FAT. The program will help you recover data on any Mac run by the Snow Leopard, macOS High Sierra and all OS in between. Whether the drive you would like to recover data from is internal or external, you will be able to do so. You can recover data from corrupted BootCamp partitions, damaged/inaccessible/encrypted hard drives, Time machine backed up drives and other Apple devices like iPhones and iPads.

The Deep Scan takes a long time and you may not have that much time. Stellar know this and have come up with a feature that allows you to save the scan and turn the scanned image into an image file that can be opened later.

3. Data Rescue 5

Data Rescue on Mac

Data Rescue has an intuitive and easy to use interface. Getting started is very easy. Just click on the “Start Recovering Files” button. Use the advanced search options to find what you want fast.

Deep Scan in Data Rescue

With the Data Rescue 5 you will be able to recover data from your Mac. It supports many devices including SD cards, USB drives, SSD, HDD and CF cards to name but a few. This Mac data recovery software will help you recover data from time machine backups without duplication. You will be able to preview your files before recovering them.

4. Seagate File Recovery

The simple interface is very easy to use. To get started, there are three options; to test the hard drive, erase data securely and recover lost files. A simple click on any will take you to a more elaborate menu.

Seagate Premium File Recovery supports many file formats including HFS, NTFS, FAT16, exFAT and FAT32. With it, you can recover files from corrupted as well as clean drives. Data can be recovered from formatted drives but not damaged ones. For the latter, Seagate has an in-lab service that may help.

To find lost data, this software allows Simple Scan and Advanced Scan. After you find the files you want, you can preview them before you choose to recover them.

5. MiniTool Data Recovery

The simple and beautiful interface is easy to use. Simply choose the module to use, scan and recover the files you want. This Mac data recovery tool will help you get back your photos, videos, emails, documents and music among other kinds of data fast and safely. 

There are four data recovery modules. One is "Undelete Recovery" which helps recover data lost by deleting accidentally. Second is the "Damaged Partition Recovery" which can help recover data from damaged or formatted partitions. Third is the "Lost Partition Recovery" that recovers data lost due to deletion or loss of a partition. Last is the "Digital Media Recovery" which recovers multimedia content.

Bottom line

With this best Mac data recovery software of 2018, you never have to lose any valuable data and just sulk about it. You can now do something about it by using one of these apps to get your valuable data back. Whether it is personal information or critical business files that have been lost, these apps will help you get them back.

When should you use data recovery software? As soon as you lose the data that you need to get back! It is important to do the recovery as soon as possible to avoid overwriting the space on which it was stored on the hard drive. Many data recovery apps will not recover overwritten data and they will be useless. If you cannot get the recovery software soon enough, it is advisable to stop using the affected drive until you do.

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