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Best Mac Cleaner Software 2017

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Are you looking for the best Mac cleaner that you can use in 2017? Having one will ensure that your Mac is cleared of junk and therefore will operate much better and faster. Here we look at the top five.

1. CleanMyMac 3

A simple and yet well-equipped app, any MacOS user will find CleanMyMac 3 useful. Whether you are new in using Mac or have been at it for a while you will surely benefit from using this app. It is not just a mac cleaner but does much more. It helps users to maintain the computer easily and optimize the mac for best results. With this app you will be able to uninstall apps, clean the hard drive and monitor the health of the drives you have in place among other functions.

Cleanmymac 3 on macOS Sierra

The Health Monitoring feature can be accessed from the CleanMyMac 3’s menu. It tells you of how the Mac is doing in terms of memory space available, battery condition and whether the trash is overflowing. With this information you can do what is necessary and clean up the Mac easily. All you have to do is click on the “Free Up” button next to the memory tab and you will have more memory. Similarly, all you need to do to empty trash is to click on the “Empty Trash” button in the Trash tab. With such easy use, there is no reason why you should not choose this as your best Mac cleaner.

Health Monitoring Feature

As for cleaning, this app does exactly what the name suggests. It indeed does clean the Mac perfectly. It detects and removes junk files and logs that occupy memory space without adding any value to the computer. With CleanMyMac 3 you will be able to clean up a considerable amount of storage space.


Another cool feature that makes this Mac cleaner great is the uninstaller. This removes all files and folders associated with an application when it is uninstalled. Without this application, some files associated with these applications like preference panes would be left in the Mac even after uninstallation.

CleanMyMac 3 Review 2017: Clean Your Mac the Easy Way

2. Drive Genius

This is the genius solution to all things to do with hard drives. Have you been wondering why your Mac is so slow? Well, the answer lies in the much storage space that is used up by all the files you have stored in the Mac. With a lot of the memory space used for storage what is left for the operation of the MacOS is little space which makes it take longer to carry out processes.

Drive Genius on Mac

Drive Genius is developed by a company that specializes in data recovery and so you can be sure that your data is in safe hands with the use of this software. But what exactly does it do? It helps Mac users carry out several important actions. The first is a physical check that checks the hard drives for any issues. It locates duplicate files and replaces them thanks to the award-winning DriveSlim technology applied in the making of the Drive Genius software.


Next is defragmentation which can be done so as to optimize the performance of the Mac. What this action does is rearrange files so they are arranged well and hence easy for the operating system to retrieve. You can also do repartitioning with Drive Genius. You will be able to resize hard drive partitions as you wish. You can resize, delete and create partitions as you wish.

Another feature of Drive Genius is the DrivePulse which is useful in keeping the hard drives safe. This monitors the drive’s health and gives alerts when an issue is detected so you can make the right decision.

3. DaisyDisk

This is one of the best looking mac disk cleanup software. It gives you a visual presentation of the disk usage using sector diagrams. This way you will be able to see the big folders and files taking up too much space. To view the contents of the folder all you have to do is click on the segment. Click in the center to bubble up and move the mouse over the diagram to see the name and path of each file.

DaisyDisk on macOS Sierra

To clean the Mac and rid it of unwanted files you need to drag them and drop them in the Collector at the window’s bottom. A few more clicks and you will be able to delete this data.

4. CCleaner

This is a good mac disk cleanup app that will be useful in reclaiming storage, bettering online privacy and other benefits but will do little in improving system performance. The interface is very simple and easy to use with three icons in the left column. These are “Cleaner” “Tools” and “Options” which can be used to perform varying functions.


The Cleaner gets rid of junk files. Just open it and click on “Analyze.” Ccleaner will then scan the Mac’s hard drive and give back a report on its health. The sizes of the files found will be indicated. For the junk files detected, just press delete and they will be gone leaving you with lots of free space.

The Tools section allows for the uninstallation of programs. All you have to do is to click on the app icon and click on “Uninstall.” You can also be able to change the repair permissions and Erase any free space.

As for the Options section it allows you to manage the cookies from the websites visited before. You will find a list of cookies listed in the left column. The default setting is to delete those cookies but you can choose the ones to keep if you wish.

5. AVG Cleaner for Mac

This comes with a clean interface with two main features. The first is the “Disk Cleaner” which scans for junk files stored in the hard drive and removes the. Any leftover files, log files and hidden cache will be detected. You can clean these up by pressing on the “View & Clean” button.

AVG Cleaner for Mac

The other major feature is the Duplicate Finder. To use this click on the “scan now” button and you will be presented with all the duplicate files and you can decide to delete them. Just click on the “Clean” button. AVG cleaner for Mac is a simple yet very powerful tool and to top it all it is free of charge.

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