Best iPhone X Accessories 2018

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The Apple X looks great and is packed with many cool features. You can just show it off the way it is and people will respect you. You can also opt to make it more appealing and personalized with accessories. With the phone being yet to be released, you would expect that the number of accessories available to be low. You could not be any more wrong! There are many accessories that have been released officially by Apple and third-party websites. There those that will just make the phone look cooler and those that will help unlock the full potential of this new and expensive phone. One thing they all have in common is that they will make you fall more and more in love with your iPhone X.

If you have been looking for the best iPhone X accessories 2018 look no further! Here are our top picks that you will definitely find useful and worth investing in.

Best iPhone X Accessories

1. Bose Bluetooth Speaker

Bose Color Speaker

When you need a better sound than the iPhone can give, this is the speaker to use. It is fitted with Bose Technology’s innovative design that gives high quality sound in a good looking speaker. There are four colors to choose from namely blue, red, black and white. What is your favorite? The looks are rugged with a silicone texture that makes it easy to carry the speaker from one place to the other. It is durable and water-resistant which means you can carry it everywhere without worry.

Bose SoundLink Bluetooth speaker II

What can this Bluetooth speaker do for you? Download the Bose Connect app and you will be able to connect and switch between devices by simply dragging and dropping and personalize the music to your preferences. The Bose Soundlink Color Bluetooth Speaker II is not only fitted with a speaker but also a microphone. You can pick calls and even give commands to Siri and Google Now. You can do all these for as long as 8 hours continuously thanks to the rechargeable lithium-ion batteries it has.

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2. Belkin Charge and Sync Dock

Belkin Charge and Sync Dock

iPhone X accessories can help with many things but the most important is the battery life. With the Belkin charge and sync dock charging your iPhone will not be a problem. It is stylish with an aluminum finish and is compact enough to be transported by any means. It has a lightning connector that allows easy docking of your iPhone X.

You can dock the phone without removing the case. This charge and sync dock also comes with a 4-feet hardwire USB cable. Plug this into your laptop or use a plug to connect directly to a wall outlet and charge your phone hands free. Since the phone will be held in an upright position, you can even use the phone as it charges.

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3. Belkin BOOST UP Wireless Charging Pad

Belkin BOOST UP Wireless Charging

For even faster charging, get these accessories for iPhone X. It looks great with a matte black surface and aluminum highlights. The surface is 115mm long and has an anti-slip make that will hold your iPhone safely as it charges. As for the charge it supplies to your phone, it gives 7.5W Qi BOOST UP charge which is optimal for the iPhone X.

Unlike with 5W Qi chargers, the phone will charge faster and you do not stand the risk of the phone overcharging. Even if your phone is in a case, it will still charge. With the Belkin BOOST UP, you will be able to charge your iPhone, Tablet and many other accessories that support Qi charging.

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4. Anker PowerCore II 10000

Anker PowerCore II 10000mAh

Even when you are going to places where there are no power outlets you can still keep your iPhone X on and use it till you get back. The Anker PowerCore II 10000mAh power bank allows you to do just that. It is small, compact and portable but still carries a lot of charges. Just slide it into the pocket of your trousers or bag and you will be sorted when you get the dreaded “battery low” notification. You get more than three full recharges! What is more? With Ankers PowerIQ 2.0, charging is done very fast. The phone will be protected from short circuiting, surging and other dangers keeping it safe.

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5. Apple Airpods


If you have been looking for wireless earphones, this is the best option. They are made by Apple so you can be sure that they are of the best quality. They have the bulb shaped piece that goes into the ear and a small extension that is straight and fitted with controls. They may not have the best looks but they do function well. With no wires to get entangled with things and no need to plug in, these earphones are very easy to use.

They hold the ear well even when doing tasking things like running. The sound is high in quality and the airpods are easy to control. Audio starts playing automatically when the airpods are placed in the ear and stops when the airpods are removed. The volume and what is being listened to (song, phone call and directions) can be easily adjusted using Siri. The air pods are fitted with a W1 chip that ensures they last 5 hours on single charge. For them to serve you even longer, they come with a charging case that provides up to 24 hours listening time.

6. SanDisk Wireless Flash Drive

SanDisk Wireless Flash Drive

Although the iPhone X’s 64GB storage is quite huge, if you need more, get the SanDisk Wireless flash drive. You will be able to easily save and access files, videos and photos from this. With a wireless connection, it means that you will be able to store and retrieve whatever you want even if the stick is in one corner of the room and you in the other.

Use the SanDisk connect an app to free up space in the phone and access the data on the flash drive without the need for internet access. Videos stored in this flash drive can be streamed from three devices at the same time. Friends and family with Android and iOS phones can connect making sharing a breeze.

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7. iPhone X Case

iPhone X Case

Give your iPhone X the protection it deserves with this Apple iPhone X case. It is clear so you get to show off your new iPhone while still protecting it. It has raised edges and TPU bumpers that absorb shock and protect the phone from damage. The cutouts are just perfect so the case will not interfere with what you can do with your phone. To keep the screen and lens from contacting surface that can cause scratches, the case has raised bezels. The back is scratch resistant while the whole case is slim. You will use the phone without any struggles as if the case was not there.

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8. iPhone X Screen Protector

iPhone X Screen Protector

The screen is sensitive and that is why a screen protector is one of the most sought after iPhone X accessories. This screen protector is made using premium tempered glass with 5x anti-shatter protection. Forces up to 10kg will not cause it to crack or shatter. This protection does not tamper with the functioning of the iPhone X. You still get to use cool features like face detection and all other features in the phone. As for installation, it is very easy thanks to the self-installation kit this protector comes with. It is cut out just for the iPhone X and hence it will fit perfectly.

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9. Belkin Lightning Audio Charge

Belkin Lightning Audio Charge

With this iPhone X accessory you will be able to kill two birds with one stone; charge the phone and listen to lightning audio. It is important to note that this only supports lightning audio and not any other kind of audio. It works with lighting audio headphones and USB to lightning cables. With this accessory charge your phone and at the same time listen to music or even pick calls.

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10. Wallet case

iPhone X Wallet Case

When buying a wallet look for one that does more than store your cards and cash. This slim folio book cover PU leather protective cover is a good choice because it will give your iPhone X the protection it deserves. It is slim and is made with the finest leather making it soft and durable. 

With this your iPhone will be protected from dust scratches and other damage nature may throw at it. Ports and buttons can be accessed so no action is affected in attempt to protect the phone. Flip the case and get a stand that can hold the iPhone in different positions to allow you watch your favorite movie comfortably.

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Bottom line

With the release of iPhone X around the corner, it is only wise to buy the accessories right now. With the phone set to cost about $1000, buying the iPhone X accessories now will reduce the amount you will have to spend at once when your dream phone is finally released. What is more? These accessories are cheaper now than they will be when the newest iPhone hits the market.

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