Best Download Manager Apps for macOS Sierra

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One of the most likeable features of the internet is the fact that one can download different materials. Whether it is your favorite video or an image a friend has posted on social media you can download it. You can also download important documents and files or even music from your favorite store. No matter what it is you want to download you can be able to easily do it and later use the item as you may wish or even share with others. But the problem with downloads is that they pile up in different places that at times may even be unable to access. This is why many macOS Sierra users have been looking for the best download manager apps.

A download manager application is an interface that allows Mac users to control the files they download and many attributes about the downloads. Of you intend to download large documents, you will particularly find a good download manager useful. If you would like to save on time and data, a download manager will help you. Any interrupted downloads pick up from where they stop.

There are very many apps all claiming to be the best download manager app for macOS Sierra; which one should you choose? This will depend on several factors such as an easy to use interface and not interfering with the antivirus installed among others. Here, we look at the best 5 options for those using the macOS 10.12 Sierra.

1. Folx for Mac

This is one of the best download mangers for Mac that you can use. On opening it what meets you is a beautiful and appealing interface that is easy to use and control. That however is not all that makes this the download manager of choice for all Mac users. There are many more reasons and here we demystify all of them.

This is one of the best download mangers for Mac that you can use. On opening it what meets you is a beautiful and appealing interface that is easy to use and control. That however is not all that makes this the download manager of choice for all Mac users. There are many more reasons and here we demystify all of them.

Folx on macOS Sierra

As for finding the downloaded files, you can easily find them by assigning one or more tags. All you have to do is click on the entries you are interested in and you will be able to view the download you want.

Smart Speed

If you like to download torrents then this is the perfect download manager to use. With it being a torrent client you need not have a torrent downloader and downloads manager app working separately. You get the purposes of two applications wrapped in one. It even has support for magnet links.

Scheduled downloads is yet another feature you will surely like about the Folx Pro. You can determine the time to continue with queued downloads or allocate a time for each download. For instance you can opt to download late in the night when the network is less congested. What is more? There is an auto-complete option which closes the application and shuts down the Mac once the download process is complete.

Scheduled downloads

Other than the standard, there is also a Pro upgrade which is even more feature packed. It only costs $20 to upgrade. Here, the downloading is much faster with splitting across as many as 10 threads. You can actually be able to control the download speed of each task. Just click on the gauge icon in the lower left corner of the window.

Folx for Mac is available for a free trial download here.

The Pro also allows you to download videos. All you have to do is paste the video URL, select the quality desired and click on the download button.

Easy password management is also enabled by the Folx Pro. This will be especially useful for the people who download items from websites that require authentication. This download manager saves all the passwords so you can by-pass having to retype them every time you wish to download from the site.

2. iGetter

Having been around for long and stood the test of time, this freeware is worth being used by any Mac user. It has all the right pictures you could look for in a download manager. The iGetter has an easy to use interface with the toolbar having big buttons for each of the main functions. These include the current download queue and history listings. These listings both have a subdirectory which you can use to sort the downloads by the location, date or the status.

iGetter on macOS Sierra

This application also has an inbuilt web explorer which allows you to view websites directly and start downloads. This however is not to mean that this download manager cannot be used to download items from another browser. IGetter easily integrates with Safari and you can download a wide range of files. However, this download manager may fail to pick on some download types and leave them to the Safari download.

To put a file inside the download queue you can just drag and drop it or enable the clipboard monitoring option which directly pastes every URL present in the clipboard.

As for downloading the files, you can choose the download speed to use and even set schedules as you wish. This application also detects the status of the internet connection and other factors so as to determine the right time to start downloading the files in the queue.

3. Leech

If you are looking for the best download manager for macOS Sierra, then this is a good choice. It will save you from losing the progress of the download process even when the browser crashes.

To use Leech, just download it from a reliable source, install it in your Mac and it is ready to use. To commence a download, drag its URL and drop it on the Leech interface. The download process will start immediately. You may be able to download videos, images and HTML files among other file types.

Leech on macOS

You can schedule the download as you wish and can even determine where the file downloads. The downloaded files can be easily managed and accessed using this application.

What about the pricing? This is a very affordable tool with a chance to try it free of charge up to 25 times so you can be sure of what you will be getting before you put your money into it.

4. Progressive Downloader

If you download large files, the download manager to use is the Progressive Downloader. This gives you a fast speed such that large files are downloaded much faster. For this, it has many useful features including mirroring and multi-threading downloads.

The interface of the Progressive Downloader is easy to use and has large controls. On the main window are the downloaded items and details about them. You can use various filters present to find a downloaded item in the list. These include a list of the downloaded files, those in progress and download criteria like date range and file types to name but a few.

Progressive Downloader

Among the controls you can perform on this application are scheduling downloads, setting the maximum threading count, insert credential logins and many more. Downloads can also be paused as needed without running the risk of losing the integrity of the data. These and interrupted downloads are resumed from the point where they stopped so that bandwidth and time are saved.

Progressive Downloader has support for different protocols. These include HHTP, FTP and STP. Other than this, files from major file hosting services are downloaded automatically.

5. Jdownloader

The interface that meets you is great and easy to use. The app supports many kinds of file hosts and can even be used as a YouTube Downloader. It also has clipboard monitoring capabilities and comes with extensions to enable unzipping of downloads automatically.


Something unique about this downloader is that it does not pause downloads even when prompted to do so. When you press the ’pause’ button, the download speed is reduced to a speed as slow as a crawl so you can use the bandwidth as you wish.

To sum it all up, for the Mac user who has a few downloads to carry out, there may be no need for a file downloader. However, if you download items often or downloads usually involve large files then you need to look for the best download manager for macOS Sierra. This will offer you an accelerated download speed, a beautiful interface on which to interact with the downloads and an easy way to control and access the downloaded material.

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