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Best Antivirus for Mac 2018

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You use your computer to do so many things and need all the information the Mac stores kept safe and secure. From private files and photos to work related files and programs, we want them all to be accessed by only the people we want. We also want to keep the Mac in operational condition without issues of crushing among others. An antivirus will help with all the above.

Viruses and other malicious software are created by people whose intention is to steal some information from your computer or destroy it. It could be credit card information which they can use to empty your bank accounts or confidential files that are crucial. Any Mac can be infected by a virus so no one is safe? What should you do? Get the best antivirus for Mac 2018.

There are many antivirus out there claiming to be the best. Some are free while others will require you to pay a fee. The choice you make will depend on the level of security you are looking for and your budget. Read on and find out what the best Mac security software is.

Best Antivirus for Mac 2018

1. Malwarebytes Premium for Mac

From ransomware to viruses to worms to adware, Malwarebytes will remove all malicious content from your Mac. This anti malware for Mac comes with an advanced anti-malware technology which detects and removes threats in real time. The software itself is very light in weight meaning it will not occupy too much space in your hard drive.

Malwarebytes Premium for Mac

When you do a scan using this best antivirus for Mac, the process will be through in a few seconds. This does not affect the performance of the laptop and you will be able to use it as if there was nothing running in the background.

Is it free? For the first thirty days, you get full protection free of charge but there after you will need to pay for the premium protection. An annual subscription will only cost you $39.99.

2. Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac

This is the best antivirus for Mac offering great security features that are easily accessible. You can try it for 30 days free of charge and find out what it offers you before you buy the license.

Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac

When you install BitDefender for Mac, you will see a simple interface that is very easy to use. Scanning the whole Mac is done fast in a discreet manner that has little effect on other uses of the Mac. The system’s performance and speed are not affected. As for the functioning, this will protect every bit of your Mac from all sorts of malware.

With multi-layer ransomware protection that this Mac security software has, you will get all the protection you need. Safe Files will protect from ransomware which is used by hackers to encrypt contents of your laptop only decrypting them when you pay a certain sum of money. All your Time Machine backups are protected so no sophisticated malware can interfere with it. Annoying adware is also dealt with by this program. No more browser ad-ons install without your consent and unwanted toolbars will be a thing of the past.

Full System Scan

Malware is detected automatically so you are protected at all times. The continuous updates ensure the malware database is kept at its latest for maximum protection. When you decide to buy Bitdefender, it will only cost you $29.99 for one Mac but if buying for more the price will be more economical.

3. Norton Security for Mac

When you want the best virus protection for Mac, Norton Security is a great choice. It will detect and remove all virues in your Mac. Among the benefits you stand to gain are alerts when you try to download risky apps, protection from social media scams and suspicious content, infected downloads are blocked and cleaning up hard drive space. There are various options making it easy for users to choose what they need and can afford.

Norton Security on macOS High Sierra

The basic Norton security for Mac package will cost you $29.99 for an annual subscription. This will give you protection in one Mac and a mobile phone (Android or iOS). This will protect you from ransomware, spyware, malware and other threats. Private information will also be protected when provided online.

Norton Security for Mac

With the higher packages, Deluxe and Premium, you get convenient security like securing many devices with one subscription, automatic backups, secure cloud storage and an easy to use online portal from where the security of the devices can be monitored.

4. Avast Security for Mac

For those looking for the best free antivirus for Mac this is the best option. The free version offers antivirus protection, scheduled scans, home network scan and protection of web, mail and files. As for the paid version (49.99 per year), it has a Wi-Fi inspector and ransomware shield together with the features the free Avast version has.

Avast Security on macOS

Use this program to scan your Mac and it will be cleaned and all threats gotten rid of. You also get real-time protection from Trojans, viruses and spyware. Whenever you are browsing you can relax knowing that you are safe. Email attachments will be scanned and threats detected, you will be protected from unsafe websites and dangerous downloads stopped.

5. Eset Cyber Security for Mac

This is the best Mac antivirus that gives users protection of their data by external drives and internet users. It has a powerful anti-malware protection that keeps you safe online and offline. You stay protected without interfering with all that you want to do on your Mac. You can work, play and browse without a performance hitch even while Eset is at work.

ESET Cyber Security Pro

Some advanced features that are present in the basic package of this antivirus are anti-phishing, removable media control, cloud-powered scanning, automatic updates and free support. This will cost you $29.99. For a little more you can get features like anti-theft, parental control and personal firewall. If unsure, try the free version available for 30 days and you will be convinced why this is the best.

Bottom line

Your Mac deserves the best protection from malware and other threats. For this, you need to have the best antivirus for Mac 2018. There are many options but here we have featured the top five. Choose any of these and all your contents will be protected. Choose an antivirus that will protect all the files stored in your Mac as well as what you share online. A good antivirus should work without affecting the performance of your computer.

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