Best Adobe Acrobat Alternative in 2018

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Adobe Acrobat is one of the most famous PDF software out there. With it, creating PDFs is very easy and so is editing them and even sharing. This software is great at what it does but it also comes at a high price that is out of reach for many people. This does not mean that these people cannot edit PDFs. There are many alternatives to adobe Acrobat that can do the job just as perfectly but at a lower price. With many such PDF programs out there claiming to be the best you need help to choose the best adobe acrobat alternative. In this article you will find all the help you need.

Best Adobe Acrobat Alternative 2018

Nitro Pro

This PDF software has a lot in common with the Acrobat and is arguably the best Adobe Acrobat Pro Alternative. With Nitro Pro, you will be able to create PDF files as well as add, shuffle and even remove pages. Bookmarks and links can also be created and so can fill in forms. Comments and other markup features can be added to documents and all PDF files can be secured with digital IDs.

Nitro Pro 11

When installed, Nitro Pro will automatically add a PDF printer to the list of printers in the PC so creating a PDF is as easy as printing a file to this printer. Nitro even has some of the lucrative features only available in Acrobat Pro including permanent deletion of data from a PDF file. Nitro Pro is very easy to use and familiarize with especially for those who have been using Microsoft office. The ribbon with tabs and icons is at the top and access to main operations is very easy. This is far better than Acrobat’s unique combination of panels and toolbars which takes a while to get used to.

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You will be able to combine many PDF documents into one that can be viewed and even share. Converting PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook and vice versa is easier.

During the first 14 days, you can try Nitro Pro free of charge. When this trial period expires, you will need to purchase a license that gives you lifetime access for on $159.99 per single license. If you have more than ten devices, get in touch with Nitro and you will receive an even fairer price per PC.

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Foxit PhantomPDF

For creating PDFs, simple editing and sharing, this is a good alternative to adobe acrobat. It may not have the high profile features that Nitro and Acrobat have but it does a great job.

FoxitPhantom PDF

When you open Foxit PhantomPDF, you will be met by an interface that has the ribbon style like in Microsoft. It is very easy to use with everything organized nicely. To make adapting to this PDF program even easier are tutorials placed on the start page of the software. These will teach you how to edit, review and share PDF files.

What can you do with the Foxit PhantomPDF? You can create and modify PDFs with useful text and object editing options, page extraction and drag and drop page ordering. Shere reviews of shared PDF files through network folders and email. Also, convert PDFs to preferred formats including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, HTML, plain text and rich text.

Foxit Phantom Feature

There are three tiers of PhantomPDF. The Education version is the cheapest costing $59 one-off fee or $3.83 per month. This is followed by the standard version that costs $109 one off fee or $7.50 per month while the most feature packed Business version costs $9 a month or pay a $139 one-time fee.

PDF Architect

This is an affordable Adobe acrobat alternative that lacks some advanced features that ease use of more expensive PDF programs. With the PDF architect you will be able to create, edit and convert PDF files. You can select the features that you require the most and purchase them making this one of the most economical PDF software choices. These modules include ones for editing, reviewing and converting documents.

PDF Architect 5

In order to use PDF Architect, you need to download the software to your desktop and install it. the program integrates with many cloud services hence wllowing access to files over the cloud from different locations.

This PDF software is very easy to use but what makes it even more appealing is the price at which it is sold. The standard version goes for only $59 while the Pro version is $89.

Nuance Power PDF Advanced

This has 95% of the features of Acrobat and comes at a relatively affordable price making it the best adobe acrobat pro alternative. The interface is easy to use and it does a good job at creating, manipulating and securing PDF files.

Power PDF Advanced

You can create forms and gather data for analysis using this PDF program. You can also add notes from Dragon Notes though the program cannot convert PDFs to ePub. Scanned files and many other document types can be converted to and from PDF. Files can be combined and videos added easily. Javascript programming can be added to create interactive PDFs and many mark-ups can be added. Power PDF only costs $99.

iSkysoft PDF Editor

With this you will be able to convert PDF files and much more. The interface s user-friendly so getting used to it will not be a problem. Just a few minutes and you will be editing and modifying PDFs like a pro. Other than the text, images ion PDF files can be edited using this software.

PDF Editor 6 Professional Feature

A cool feature that this program has is the Redaction feature. With this you will be able to redact texts and images in PDF files and restrict access. This helps secure private information on any PDF file from prying eyes. There is a free trial that users can use to gauge the performance of this software before they purchase the full version for $99.95.

Bottom line

Adobe acrobat alternatives are many that will help you create, modify ad share PDF files. However, only a few will add some cool features that make Acrobat stand out. Above we have looked at the best alternatives. They may not be as good as the Acrobat Pro but they sure do rival the standard Adobe Acrobat. What is more? You do not have to break the bank to afford them. they are affordable and capable!

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