Apple macOS 10.12 Wishlist Of Possible Features

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Apple will be unveiling a new version of famous mac Operating System in the upcoming developer conference. The new operating system has the code name Fuji but can also be called OS X 10.12. As usually, Apple are likely to stick with monikers themed in California hence the name Fuji.

Apple usually release their new products in the autumn. The new OS is therefore most likely to be released in Sept or Oct of this year 2016. A demo of this new system is very likely to be given in June or early July during or after the upcoming WWDC.

Mac OS X 10.12 with Siri

Mac OS X 10.12 with Siri

It is not known just how much this new update will cost. However, in the past Apple have given all the updates to OS X freely. Maybe this update will also follow the rule of the thumb and be distributed freely.

OS X 10.12 Main Features:

Siri capabilities: this Apple smart assistant has since been debuted on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV. It is now time to bring this to desktop machines. Siri has been tested since 2012 and it’s only right now that Apple have seen exactly how to use on Mac. The functions of Siri and how it works when on Mac are likely to be addressed in the upcoming WWDC. Most probably, there will be a Siri icon on the mac Menu bar. Siri on desktop devices will look like that on iPhone but will have a much improved user interface. Similar to other devices, Siri on Mac will be activated by plugging in the device.

Siri on OS X 10.12

Siri on OS X 10.12

There are a number of improvements that many customers wished were incorporated in the Mac Operating System. These include:

Health App specific of OS X: could be much better to track health stats on desktop.

Apple music app: Refining the iTunes app would be great. A dedicated Apple music app for desktop would be best.

Clock app for OS X: App with stopwatch, timer and alarm on desktop would be great.

Verdict Even though the improvements that are likely to be made on OS X might not satisfy the wishes of each and every consumer, the OS X 10.12 version will be much better to use. It is prudent to anticipate for its release and all users of Mac OS should purpose to make the updates.

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