Acronis True Image 2017 Review

Written by John

Backing up your system and files is very important. You never know when your computer will crash and you could lose valuable information stored in the computer. There are very many backup solutions out there but some stand out more than others. Among these is the Acronis True Image. It has even been termed as the best backup available. Here is an Acronis True image 2017 review that will help you gauge how true this statement is. Acronis comes in two types namely the True Image Cloud Service and the True Image software which store the information backed up to the cloud and local drive respectively.

The 2017 Acronis True Image has mobile backup to PC, remote backup management and Facebook backup among a myriad of other features. Images of entire hard drive as well as individual folders and files can be backed up to the cloud. A new addition to the Acronis is the New Generation which has unique features including digital signing, blockchain verification and ransomware protection.

The good

  • Can restore a Mac or Windows PC with a bootable media
  • File syncing supported
  • Fast upload to cloud storage
  • Improved interface
  • Easy to use

The bad

  • Only a 14-day trial is available
  • The essential package does not support syncing and cloud storage.

What is new in Acronis True Image 2017?

The Acronis Premium subscription has some new features that userw will love all bundles in what is called the New Generation. These features are just what the modern computer user needs now. s What are these features?

Windows users will now get advanced and active protection from ransomware that can cause data loss. Ransomware attacks will be easily neutralized by the patent pending Acronis Active Protection. Acronis has partnered with Ethereum who are best known for their work in the blockchain development. Through this Acronis is able to apply blockchain technology to ensure that the data backed up is not changed over time and can be accessed years later and it will be exactly the same. A feature known as Asign allows digital signatures to be written on a document by one person or more people.

​All the data backed up using Acronis is safe thanks to the advanced military grade algorithms encryption used. This is applied on data store online and data stored locally. Passwords can be used to protect private documents from being accessed by others.

​Mobile device content can be backed up to a PC or cloud storage. This data can be browsed from where it is backed up.


The interface of the 2017 Acronis is attractive and easy to use. However, there is a thin scroll bar with light coloured sliders on a dark background which may strain the eyes a bit.


The speed at which the Acronis backs up data is quite commendable. It is faster than most other backup programs. Anyone who backs up while still using the PC will appreciate this high speed.

Acronis True Image 2017 Features

1. Full Image Backup

With Acronis you can backup an entire disk or a selected partition. This backup can then be used to recover the data or move it to another computer. If you want to backup everything so you can restore it in the future then Acrions True Image will suit your needs. What is more? All backup files are compressed automatically so the backup does not take up too much space in your hard drive.

2. File and Folder Backup

Even if you do not want to backup all the hard drive contents you still need to ensure that critical data is safe and you can get it back in case of anything. Acronis allows you to backup a file or folder of choice.

3. Bootable media and Universal Restore

Disk image backups can be recovered to any hardware with Bootable media. Acronis driver injection technology makes it possible to start a system on a new computer. During this recovery process, partitions can be resized and reordered. Backed up files can also be easily recovered

4. Cloud Backup

Computers and mobile devices can be backed up to local and external drives as well as the Acronis Cloud Storage. Uploading to this cloud storage is fast due to the protocol parameters optimization and multi-threading and multi-stream uploading technology.

5. Web Access from Anywhere

The data stored in cloud backup can be accessed from anywhere. The backups can be reviewed and configured using any mobile device or computer. With access to all your files from anywhere this software brings convenience to a whole new level. You will never have to go back home for forgetting a file in your home computer.

6. Multiple Device Backup

Multiple device backup

Acronis allows users to backup data in various devices including your Mac, Windows PC, mobile phone and even your facebook account. The user interface is touch friendly making it easy to use on modern computers.

Acronis True Image Packages

There are three different packages that one can purchase and the price you will pay shall differ depending on the number of computers you will be buying the software for. For one computer, the essential package one time purchase costs $49.99, annual subscription for the Plus package costs $39.99 while the Premium annual subscription costs $99.99.

If you have been looking for a reliable backup solution then you should take advantage of the 30 day free trial offered by Acronis and see if this is the right choice for you.

Bottom Line

Acronis True Image 2017 is a feature packed backup software that can benefit anyone from the people who use PCs for leisure to those who use them for professional purposes. This software allows users to backup data in their mobile phones and computers in one place. With the option of backing the contents of an entire hard drive or partition or backing up just a few folders or files, this is one of the most flexible backup solutions. The fact that you can even backup your facebook feed makes this even more desirable. These backed up files are stored securely and blockchain technology used to ensure that they are not changed by anyone. This data can be recovered to different devices. The cloud storage makes it easy to access your files from anywhere. All you need is internet access.

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